See Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Imagine how much faster customer service agents could solve issues if they could see the problem without even leaving their desks. Consumers today are using their mobile devices more and more frequently. This has led to a more connected world where images and other data can be easily transferred within seconds.

lndividuals can share their mobile camera to provide a complete view of the situation or problem. Customer Service Agents can pause live feeds, highlight issues, point out key items, and even directly open supporting documentation on the customer’s device to come to a resolution more efficiently than ever before.

Integrated Experience

Successful Customer Support

The SightCall experience can be easily integrated directly into your CRM or agent console.

  • There is no need for your agent to install and learn a new system.
  • For your customers SightCall video calling is part of your mobile or web application allowing them to have live interaction with your agent with the touch of a button.
  • Sessions can be recorded and automatically linked to the customer case within your CRM.
  • Create your own experience leveraging SightCall APIs.
Successful Customer Support

Point and Share Back Camera

Customers use a mobile device to share his camera with your agents giving a full view of the problem exactly as the customer sees it.

  • SightCall automatically adapts calls to bandwidth constraints, reducing resolution when necessary.
  • Resolve issues faster by seeing the problem in the same context as customers.

Follow Agent’s Pointer

Agent guides the customer by using his cursor to point on the customer’s video window.

  • Customer support agents can point out important information.
  • Showing an agent’s pointer helps guide a customer through steps more quickly.

Pause Live Video to Highlight Subject

Agents and customers alike highlight important information by drawing on the paused video screen.

  • Agents can pause the video, annotate, and capture still images of the live video stream.
  • Drawing helps facilitate dialog and reduces misunderstandings.

Visual Support Features

With numerous features to choose from you can tailor the video call experience to match your business. Provide agents and customers the tools needed to successfully resolve an issue while leaving any unnecessary features on the sidelines.

Increase Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Increase Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

SightCall will help you engage and connect with your customers in a whole new way. Form better relationships with your customers that will improve customer retention through video customer support calls.

When you solve issues faster customers are happier. By guiding a customer to resolution you are providing an invaluable lesson which reduces the likelihood of them returning with the same issue.

Provide Better Support. Reduce costs.

Increase Sales

By giving customers the ability to show and share a problem with an expert in real time you remove unnecessary costs of shipping on returns or sending an agent to fix a product on-site.

The SightCall experience can be easily integrated directly into your CRM or agent console. There is no need for your agents to install and learn a new system. Select from a diverse range of features and options to match your business needs and create your own experience leveraging SightCall APIs.

Increase Sales