SightCall for Customer Service

See what your customer sees and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance.

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Delight Your Customers

Turn your contact center from a complaints department into a solutions department. SightCall differentiates your service offering by giving your customers the ability to show their problems in real time and empowering your agents to provide fast, actionable solutions. Prevent unnecessary onsite visits, improve NPS and reduce product returns with AR-powered visual assistance.

Companies That Trust SightCall

Our success is driven by your passion for improving the customer experience. Together we revolutionize the way service teams interact with customers.

How it Works

SightCall integrates seamlessly into your existing contact center workflow with minimal effort. Our platform works in harmony with your current processes to maximize the impact of your service department.

Drastically Reduce Product Returns

Every time a product is returned or a technician is dispatched, your organization incurs a significant expense. How many returns and truck rolls could be avoided if an expert were able to see and assist on the first call? SightCall empowers your support team to see the issue and provide a diagnosis in real-time. With better visibility, our customers reduce technician visits and product returns while increasing customer satisfaction.

Deliver Measurable Results

SightCall Makes Your Agents More Productive

81% Improved First Time Fix Rate

Avoid repeated repairs with AI/AR assisted maintenance.

69% Decreased Resolution Time

Solve problems quickly with visual assistance.

50% Reduced Truck Rolls

Drastically reduce unnecessary onsite visits.

41% Decreased Training Time

Enhance new technician effectiveness in the field.

30pt Increased Customer Satisfaction

Raise the bar for customer service expectations.

Use Cases

See just a few of the ways SightCall visual assistance can be deployed within your service organization


Remotely assess a customer issue to determine what tools and expertise are needed for a successful first time fix site.


Empower your customers to install their own devices with AR/AI guidance.


See what your customer sees with a real-time visual support session. Guide them towards a fast resolution.


Embed SightCall into any business process (app, website, chatbot, and more) for a seamless omnichannel experience.


Integrate SightCall with your chatbot experience to push customers to an available visual support technician

Deliver a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

If you’ve already built an omnichannel experience for your customers, you need a visual support tool that fits into your process. SightCall video sessions can be initiated via SMS, email, chatbot, app or embedded link, making it easy for you to escalate any customer conversation to a SightCall session, with or without an app download.

How to get started

Integrate SightCall Into Your Contact Center Workflow

Keep your current CRM and Agent Console, create your own experience leveraging SightCall APIs, or use SightCall in standalone mode. The choice is yours, and we’re here to make it easy.

"“Adding SightCall to our Customer Helpline has enabled our technical advisors to assist partners and sites more efficiently. SightCall makes it possible for us to solve more issues remotely, increasing the satisfaction of our partners and their customers.”"

- Elizabeth Allanson, Transformation Leader at Costa Express

Popular Features

Device Agnostic
Collect Signatures
Smart Measure
Annotation and Live Pointer
Character / Barcode / QR Recognition
Chatbot Integration
Reporting and Analytics

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