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Empower your agents and enhance customer journeys with visual service support from SightCall

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Improve Your Customer Experience KPIs

Add visual assistance to improve CX and outcomes, while empowering your agents to see what your customers see. Provide automated visual self-service guidance and deliver more personalized experiences and more efficient solutions with SightCall VISION.

"We knew we could solve so many problems if we could just see what the customer could see. Using SightCall eliminates barriers of knowledge and different terminology so we can quickly help customers."

- Emily Forero Operations Manager and Data Analyst, iFit Health and Fitness Learn More

Use Cases

Pre-Installation Support

Confirm onsite details before the installation of a more complex product that requires service team home installation.

Guided Installation

Improve CX by providing customers guided remote support for installation of newly purchased products.

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Pre-Call Information Collection​

Improve call routing, decrease customer wait times and maximize agent efficiency by collecting basic customer and product information before connecting.

Maintenance & Repairs​

Reduce unnecessary dispatches by providing self serve visual guidance for simple fixes. Calls that require additional help can connect to a live expert.

Warranty & Claims Returns​

Streamline warranty registration with automated visual guides and reduce customer frustration by automating claims and return processes.

Remote Customer Support

Visually connect agents, experts, technicians and customers using AR-enhanced live video, form data collection, OCR, computer vision AI recognition and AI recommendation.

Improve the Metrics that Matter

50% Reduced Truck Rolls
30pt Increase in Customer Satisfaction (NPS)
69% Reduced Resolution Time
81% Improved First Time Fix Rate

Introducing SightCall Generative AI for Customer Service

SightCall’s cutting-edge Generative AI solutions seamlessly integrate into your customer service journeys delivering efficiency, accuracy, and insight to your customers and agents.

Deliver a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

If you’ve already built an omnichannel experience for your customers, you need a visual support tool that fits into your process. SightCall video sessions can be initiated via SMS, email, chatbot, app or embedded link, making it easy for you to escalate any customer conversation to a SightCall session, with or without an app download.

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Integrate SightCall Into Your Contact Center Workflow

Keep your current CRM and Agent Console, create your own experience leveraging SightCall APIs, or use SightCall in standalone mode. The choice is yours, and we’re here to make it easy.

Popular Features

Device Agnostic
Collect Signatures
Smart Measure
Annotation and Live Pointer
Character / Barcode / QR Recognition
Chatbot Integration
Reporting and Analytics

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