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Improve adjuster efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty.

SightCall replaces onsite adjuster visits with live video, shortening the claim lifecycle and even making it possible for customers to be reimbursed during their call. Join us in disrupting the insurance industry through claims transformation.

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Benefits of Visual Claims

Customers can show damage in real time and file claims more efficiently with live video. SightCall gives adjusters the ability to handle claims remotely through a live stream from the customer’s mobile device.

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Shorten the Claim Lifecycle

File claims on the spot, shortening the lifecycle from months to days

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Reduce Supplemental Claims

Reduce the time consuming process of supplemental claims by collecting better data over live video

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Increase Adjuster Productivity

Empower your adjusters to handle more claims and travel less, making them more productive and efficient

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Expedite Customer Payments

Move quickly and accurately through the claims process, making customers whole again soon after a loss

"Our brokers and their customers seem genuinely impressed with the speed we can get things moving. In so many cases, we’ve been able to get the claims and mitigation processes kicked off in a matter of minutes after first being notified of a loss. As one customer told us, ‘I never knew the insurance industry could act this fast.’ This is the impression we want to create every single time, and with SightCall, it’s become possible."

- Liz Latter, CEO at Qlaims

"Using the SightCall interface has already saved Allianz adjusters from driving 6.3 million kilometers. That’s enough to circle the globe 157 times. The great partnership that we have developed with SightCall offers us a custom tailored user experience and a continued innovation to help us help our customers."

- Albert Morales, Allianz

"During the pilot with SightCall, we settled around 35% of claims on the very first call. This is more than just a useful app; it has tangibly improved the flow and quality of information from our customers, allowing us to put things right as quickly as possible."

- Robin Challand, Claims Director Ageas UK

"With E-CLEVA’s remote audio-video call (powered by SightCall), customers no longer have to go through the hassle, nor wait for days to get compensation. Damages are assessed instantly, cost of repairs quoted immediately and funds disbursed within minutes."

- Kamaludin Ahmad, Group CEO Etiqa Insurance & Takaful

Claims innovation

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Delight Customers With Smarter Service

Satisfied customers are 80% more likely to renew their policies than unsatisfied customers. SightCall helps insurers provide their customers with a best in class experience that shortens the claims process and boosts NPS by an average of 30 points.

Case Studies

Global Insurance Innovators

Read how SightCall is helping these leading providers build efficiency and lower costs using Visual Claims

Customize Your Claims Experience

SightCall is the only visual claims technology that allows you to tailor your available features to match your use case.

Video call

Engage in a video call with customers or craftsmen to assess damage and handle repairs


Both parties can interact and identify points of interest using live pointer, circle buttons and free form draw.


Collect signatures on documentation and photos to move more efficiently through the claims process.


Reduce fraud with precision geolocation.

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