Inter Mutuelles Habitat (IMH) Improves Claims Management with Visual Support

The Company

In 1981, several French insurance groups, including MACIF, MAIF, and MAAF, created Inter Mutuelles Assistance (IMA) to offer round-the-clock human, medical, and technical support.

Inter Mutuelles Habitat (IMH) is a subsidiary of the IMA Group, established in 2007, to provide policyholders who have experienced home losses with comprehensive solutions for their insurance claims.

IMH operates as a remote service company, ensuring assistance, remote appraisal, and in-kind repair activities with a network of over 1,600 service providers in France.

The Challenges

Rising demand and changing expectations from customers meant that IMH needed to digitally transform its claims process to provide more efficient methods for its employees, while improving the experience for its customers.

According to IMH leadership, the company wanted to broaden its competence and its offers “by going to look for what we couldn't see.”

The solution needed to increase their remote service capability and reduce the need for experts to travel on-site.

They wanted an effective method for capturing and analyzing visual evidence such as photos and video to support claims processing and documentation.

And IMH wanted a solution that quickly, simply and seamlessly integrated into its existing working environment.

"It's not just a technical tool, it's also a tool for managing customer relations."


The Solution

IMH chose SightCall as its preferred visual claims solution for several reasons:

"I'm really happy, and you were able to see my damage straight away. I can go on vacation with peace of mind, without having to wait for an appointment with an expert in the field, which can take a long time."

- IMH Customer

The Benefits and Outcomes

IMH reported positive impacts from using SightCall, including improved case handling, shorter file duration, and smoother claims processing.

Future Opportunities

IMH envisions future opportunities to leverage SightCall technology, particularly by improving the process of visual documentation through photos.

Integrating SightCall with their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, is an ongoing project to enhance agent adoption, improve photo management, and consolidate usage metrics in global reporting.

The aim is to continually enhance the quality of service, better understand policyholders' situations, and streamline claims management processes.


By adopting SightCall as their video support solution, IMH successfully transformed their claims management process, providing more efficient remote assistance, more accurate damage appraisal, and improved customer service.

SightCall's integration into their existing environment, combined with its advanced features, contributed to the company's digital transformation and positioned them for future growth.

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