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Drive Efficiency and Profitability with an Augmented Workforce

In the competitive field of manufacturing, augmented workers are the key to servitization and operational excellence. Empower your workforce to elevate your offering through better resolution rates, less downtime and improved customer satisfaction. SightCall connects your experts in a virtual, interactive environment where they can troubleshoot, train and resolve complex work orders with visual assistance, augmented reality and artificial intelligence insights.

Scale Your Technical Expertise

Using AR-powered visual support, your organization’s most skilled technicians can handle more jobs remotely, giving them the freedom to focus on high value customers, complex repairs and supporting technicians in the field. Our enterprise-grade platform helps you collect, share and deliver service knowledge across your entire organization so that all technicians can work at their maximum potential, regardless of their experience level or expertise.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Our success is driven by your passion for improving your service experience. Together we are revolutionizing the way technicians interact and perform tasks with greater efficiency.

core health and fitness
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"SightCall’s visual support technology enables us to provide a superior customer experience that is central to our company’s commitment to great service. With live video, we can diagnose and resolve cases with new clarity and precision, resolving customer issues on the first call. SightCall helps us demonstrate that our commitment to customers lasts long after the date of sale."

- Daniel Murray, Director of Services for Core Health & Fitness
Koenig and Bauer
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"When introduced Visual Press Support (powered by SightCall), our customers were blown away because they never have experienced such an easy, unique and simple way of communicating with our service technicians. Visual Press Support helped us to increase the first time rate and dramatically decrease the case resolution time."

- Thomas Göcke, Head of Digitalization & Marketing for Koenig & Bauer

"SightCall has enabled us to realize new efficiencies and digitally transform processes that previously required manual solutions. The ability to see and diagnose remote issues allows us to leverage data that informs valuable processes including training, quality inspection, support and investigation. This ultimately leads to a better work environment for employees and higher service availability for customers."

- Arnaud Banner, Technical and Innovation Director at Omexom

Use Cases

Digitally transform your service organization from customer support to technician training.

Customer Support

Differentiate your organization with a modern approach to customer support. With immediate visual assistance, you can reduce the service wait from days to minutes.

Technician Support

Equip service teams with one-touch visual assistance through their mobile app or wearable, improving uptime and empowering them to accomplish tasks on the first call.

Data-Driven Maintenance

Use SightCall AI to make informed decisions by identifying parts, diagnosing issues and proposing data-based solutions.

Hands-On Training

Empower technicians with the ability to learn new skills on the job. Use visual assistance, AR and AI to guide them through new repairs and complicated work orders

Why Use SightCall? The Numbers Don’t Lie!

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Improved First Time Fix Rate. Avoid repeated repairs with AI/AR assisted maintenance.


Increased Customer Satisfaction. Raise the bar for customer service expectations.


Decreased Training Time. Enhance new technician effectiveness in the field.


Decreased Resolution Time. Solve problems quickly with visual assistance.


Reduced Truck Rolls. Drastically reduce unnecessary onsite visits.

SightCall for Manufacturing

Scale your workforce through digital transformation

Maximize Technician Productivity With Wearables

SightCall integrates with any Android compatible wearable device, augmenting technicians with hands-free visual assistance that cuts costs and improves fix rate and accuracy. Watch this video to see how SightCall AR-powered visual support can deliver a superior technician experience.

Servicemax whitepaper


Untapped Potential: The Five Sustainability Options for Service Execution

Key Features

Device Agnostic
Enterprise AR
Auto Call Distribution
Artboard 61
Artificial Intelligence
Document Share
Multi-Party Call
Smart Measure
Text Chat

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