Reduce Service Downtime and Operating Costs with Visual Assistance Powered by AI

Boost efficiency, improve first-time fix rates and meet your SLAs with SightCall VISION

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Solve Problems Faster the First Time

Share live video enriched with augmented content to remotely service medical devices and reduce dispatches, while improving SLAs. Digitize manual, day-to-day activities with visual automation for increased efficiency, improved compliance, and fewer errors.

Benefits of SightCall VISION

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Increase Productivity
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Reduce Device Downtime
Empower Your Workforce
Overdeliver On Expectations

""This is more than just having a video call with a customer. The functionality is absolutely transformational for our business. We can annotate, we can share documents and diagrams, and we steer customers to the actions we want them to take.""

- Senior Service Manager for Oceania & ASEAN at Sciex

Sciex Decreases Downtime of Precision Machines with Visual Assistance

Sciex customers “protect and advance the wellness and safety of all” and develop “solutions that influence life-changing research and outcomes.” But none of those things can happen if a machine isn’t working.


Diagnose and troubleshoot device issues remotely with visual instructions that help users fix problems on their own. Escalate to real-time video anytime an extra set of eyes is needed.


Provide technicians installation support for capital equipment using live video with AR support. Or give patients a convenient way to self-install medical devices at home.


Increase safety, improve accuracy, and reduce errors with self-serve inspection instructions. Stay one touch away from an expert with SightCall’s video network.

Workforce Upskilling

AR annotations and overlays allow remote experts to guide less experienced technicians to faster problem resolutions through a real-time collaborative environment.

Global Innovators Use SightCall to Make Every Interaction Count

SightCall helps you move the numbers that make a difference

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Improved First Time Fix Rate


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Decreased Training Time


Decreased Truck Rolls

GE Healthcare's Service Revolution

"The partnership that we have developed with SightCall revolutionizes the way that we are able to support GE Healthcare customers in the field. By reducing medical device downtime, we are helping healthcare providers spend more time on the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of their patients." - Jaco Bierman, General Electric Healthcare, ASEAN Service Operations Manager

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