Augmented Reality for the Modern Workforce

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Augment Your Field Services

SightCall's AR-powered visual assistance platform blends the physical and digital worlds to create a collaborative environment that empowers workers to meet challenging tasks with confidence. AR anchors and digital work instructions are placed onto real world objects to provide the guidance and expertise needed to service mission critical equipment. Available in self-guided or live visual assistance mode, SightCall's AR helps your technicians reduce downtime by performing tasks with more accuracy and efficiency than before.

Augmented Reality

Send precise visual instructions to field technicians

AR Overlay

Perform actions and receive immensely relevant information with enriched real-world objects using AR on mobile

AR Remote Measurements

Use any mobile device to record real-world measurements directly to the case file

AR Toolkit

Drop digital AR tools onto objects in the physical world to show technicians how to perform tasks

AR Annotation

Remote experts precisely guide field personnel through complex repairs with on-screen annotations

Digitize Your Workforce and Improve Productivity With AR


Reduce Truckrolls in the Field


Reduce First Call Resolution Time


Reduce Training Time For Field Technicians


Improve Customer Experience

Digitize Your Training

SightCall connects field technicians to subject matter experts in a real-time collaborative environment that is supported by an advanced augmented reality toolset.

Move new technicians from the classroom to the field for a modern day apprenticeship where they can be observed, trained and guided with remote visual assistance and step-by-step AR instruction. SightCall AR reduces the average training time for technicians by 41%.

Capitalize On Knowledge

There is a looming talent crisis in the field service industry due to a large retiring workforce thrown off balance by a smaller, less skilled incoming workforce. Service organizations bracing for this change can develop centralized expertise centers to capitalize on the knowledge that already exists and offset the traditional loss of retirement.

SightCall creates a real-time AR training environment where you can capture and share the tribal knowledge of your most talented field service assets. Senior technicians can remotely assist colleagues, passing on valuable subject matter expertise that is saved to case files for future training and reference.

Reduce Downtime

SightCall is an enterprise grade visual assistance platform that uses Augmented Reality to meet the challenges having the biggest impact on ROI for field service organizations. Customers like Core Health & Fitness have improved first time fix by 55% since deploying SightCall, reducing downtime and product returns. SightCall gives better control over outcomes by ensuring that your workers are never alone in the field.

  • Use SightCall for triage/pre-visit to ensure that when a technician arrives, they will have the tools and knowledge needed to complete the repair
  • Enforce "Four-Eyes Control" with AR visual assistance so that multiple parties can review or inspect a fix for accuracy
  • Reduce human error with pop-up AR overlays displaying mission critical information
  • Simplify complex tasks with step-by-step digital anchors and AR instructions
  • Augment your training manuals to reduce paper trail and keep technicians up to date with the most relevant information available

Transform Your Organization

Step out of the dark ages and make your organization more effective and nimble using SightCall visual assistance. Empower technicians to confidently be dispatched into the field with the knowledge that a remote expert is just a click away. Leveraging SightCall AR technology, experienced technicians can share their experience and guide local technicians through challenging repairs.

Involve Your Customers

Improve NPS and reducing downtime by involving customers in the diagnosis phase of repair. With clear sight into to the parts and tools that are needed, you can dispatch a technician that is properly and confidently equipped to resolve the issue on the first visit. Organizations using SightCall have seen a 30 point increase in customer satisfaction. Dispatch your technician equipped properly with confidence to resolve the issue on the first visit.

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