Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Setting a New Standard for Customer Service by Adding Remote Visual Support

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 understands the changing needs of customer service and offers a centralized system to optimize processes and integrate data in one centralized system. By partnering with SightCall to offer integrated remote visual assistance, they’ve rounded out an offering that solves the most pressing issues facing service organizations across industries.

Current Challenges for Service Organizations

Customer experience is posed to overtake both price and product as a key differentiator for customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to a recent report from Microsoft, 90% of consumers identified customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company and 86% of buyers said they are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

What are the top challenges service leaders are facing?

- Adapting to meet customer demands while managing a distributed workforce

- Managing customer interactions across multiple support channels

- Responding to increasing customer expectations while managing your resources

- Keeping employees and customers safe and healthy

- Aging systems with disparate data and legacy service features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offers Solutions

Microsoft has established itself as a leader in the remote collaboration space with Teams, a platform that enables collaboration, meetings, businesses that have gotten done from a collaboration standpoint. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, they focus on empowering service organizations through a connected AI business cloud that’s continually evolving and always fully integrated.

The suite of tools brings all data into a single centralized system, providing a way to optimize processes for organizations in any industry. From ensuring supply chains to empowering individual service agents, the suite of tools available allows each part of the whole to access the data they need in the format that makes the most sense. For customers, this means more unique and personalized experiences.

Adding Remote Visual Assistance

SightCall’s real-time collaboration platform empowers service leaders to quickly diagnose and resolve technical issues. Common use cases include remote inspections, customer support, assisted repairs, and pre-visit assessments.

As a leading solution for both Customer and Field Service Organizations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 saw the benefits of adding remote visual assistance to their suite of tools.

SightCall is embedded directly into Microsoft Dynamics, making it easy for service technicians to deliver visual support with the tools they use every day. Remote agents and experts can initiate visual support sessions directly from their existing systems. During the session, AR and AI features help experts guide, instruct, and solve problems with reliable live video. The integrated systems ensure that all information, media, and data are synchronized before, during, and after the session.

"The SightCall platform gives us the ability to provide remote expert support, both internally and externally, and with integration to Dynamics 365, we can connect this with our Field Service Work Management and Technical Support Service Flow. We expect that this will bring another level of remorse support and reporting capabilities."

- Christo Roux Director of Operations and Development, Metso: Outotec

Partnering with SightCall is the latest step in Microsoft’s ongoing mission to help organizations provide “Always on, always excellent service.” SightCall is honored to be part of this partnership. As an established enterprise leader with amazing customer stories from all kinds of industries, we are excited to extend our offering as part of a leading solution for Customer and Field Service.

With AR-powered remote visual support, service organizations can improve the customer experience and reduce costs while delivering innovative service that raises the bar and sets a new standard.

"Our goal was simple: to provide an innovative service experience that is both visually impressive and technically effective. We chose SightCall because it is a simple, efficient video tool, easy to use for our customers and agents. Being in the healthcare industry, we also needed a secured solution compliant with major regulatory requirements worldwide."

- Nadia Kerboussa French Hotline and Affiliate Coordination Manager, Stago

Looking to the future, Microsoft’s latest Global State of Customer Service Report estimates that by 2025 as many as 95% of customer interactions will be through channels supported by AI. SightCall is the only Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration for live visual support that features augmented reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights. Companies that choose SightCall for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be sure that they’ve invested in innovation and continual digital transformation.

For more information, watch our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Webinar, find us in the Microsoft AppSource, or schedule a free demo.

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