Have Sight on Site

SightCall gives adjusters the ability to handle claims remotely by seeing through the customer’s mobile device.

With live video claims, customers can share their mobile camera to provide a complete view of the situation or problem from FNOL. Claim Adjusters can pause live video feeds, highlight issues, point out key items, save images to the customer’s claim and even directly open and file claim documentation on the customer’s device.

Now your customers can show damage in real-time and file claims faster and more accurately than ever before.

An Integrated Experience

field service expert agent desktop view

The SightCall experience can be easily integrated into existing claim management or agent console. There is no need to replace your existing CRM or call center environment, saving precious time, money and resources.

For your customers, SightCall Visual Claim is part of your mobile or web application allowing them to have live interaction with your agent with the touch of a button.

field service expert agent console
field service technician repairman mobile video call

Fewer Adjusters in the field

field service technician repairman mobile video call

By allowing adjusters to work remotely, SightCall visual claims reduces travel time, significantly increasing the adjuster’s productivity and ability to handle more claims. Learn how Allianz saved their field adjusters from driving 6.3 million kilometers by using SightCall. 

Why Use SightCall? The Numbers Don’t Lie!

See a 30 point lift in NPS by giving your customers the option to resolve their claim quickly and in real time.
Experience a 34% reduction in
by avoiding dispatch of
Increase the accuracy of FNOL, and reduce adjuster inefficiencies by over 100%.
Time to repair decreases by 19% with the acceleration of supplemental claim process.

Insurance Features

SightCall offers a number of features to choose from so you can tailor the support experience to match your business. Provide experts and agents the tools needed to successfully resolve an issue while leaving any unnecessary features on the sidelines.

Choose from options such as one-way or two-way video, back camera functionality, drawing and annotations, screen-sharing capabilities and more. Adapt to your agents’ desires to deliver a better experience.

field agent tablet video calling construction

Fight Fraud – Increase Claim Accuracy

field agent tablet video calling construction
  • SightCall video is live and witnessed by at least two parties. This provides an accurate time for the interaction.
  • Our software includes GPS location, ensuring that the video of the claim is being taken in the exact location of the insured property.
  • Real-time video cannot be “doctored” or “faked” using readily available tools.

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