SightCall Visual Assistance for Power & Utilities

Ensure Maximum Reliability With An Empowered Workforce

Power and Utilities organizations require proven technologies that can contend in rugged and volatile work environments. SightCall keeps pace with your technicians, empowering them to reduce equipment downtime with visual assistance that is secure, device-agnostic and adaptable to changing network conditions. Improve service delivery, decrease operating expenses and maximize reliability with a visual support platform you can trust.

Reduce Downtime and Improve Profits

The financial impact of equipment downtime can reach hundreds of thousands within a week. SightCall alleviates costs by giving technicians visual tools that enable them to identify and address technical issues faster than before. With a clear line of vision on issues in the field, your service organization can keep equipment online and reduce unnecessary truck rolls, providing increased profit margins and a key competitive differentiator.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Our success is driven by your passion for improving your service experience. Together we are revolutionizing the way technicians interact and improve service delivery with greater efficiency.

Safety and Auditability

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"SightCall has enabled us to realize new efficiencies and digitally transform processes that previously required manual solutions. The ability to see and diagnose remote issues allows us to leverage data that informs valuable processes including training, quality inspection, support and investigation. This ultimately leads to a better work environment for employees and higher service availability for customers."

- Arnaud Banner, Technical and Innovation Director at Omexom

Use Cases

Digitally transform your service organization with SightCall visual assistance.

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Improve First Time Fix

Visual assistance means your technicians are never alone in the field. With live support, AR and AI insights, they have a greater chance at first time fix

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Reduce Truck Rolls

Reduce the cost of dispatching technicians to remote job sites by empowering a local technician to accomplish the task

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Reduce Training Time

SightCall reduces training time by 41%, giving newer technicians the ability to learn on the job with the support of remote experts and augmented guidance

Inspect & Audit

Without dispatching more people to the worksite, you can use SightCall to perform, record and document remote site inspections and audits with multiple participants

Why Use SightCall? The Numbers Don’t Lie!

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Improved First Time Fix Rate. Avoid repeated repairs with AI/AR assisted maintenance.


Increased Customer Satisfaction. Raise the bar for customer service expectations.


Decreased Training Time. Enhance new technician effectiveness in the field.

SightCall Features

Automatic Call Distribution
Wearables Compatible
Share Documentation
Remote Flashlight
Draw and Annotate
HD Photos
Record Videos
Scan Product Codes
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Combine Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to Develop A Superior Visual Assistance Strategy For Your Organization

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