Increase Customer Satisfaction and Sales with Live Video Chat

Add a video call button to your website or mobile app’s customer support chat system. Bring a human touch to your online business and increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Boost sales, reduce shopping cart abandonment and guide the customer through the purchasing process all through real time online live video chat customer support.

Customer Service Benefits

Amazon Mayday has made many customer support centers rethink the value equation of providing a higher level of personal care. WebRTC has lowered the cost and barriers to entry. Below are some of the key benefits video customer support offers:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Close customer service cases faster
  • Upsell and make more money
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reach your customer anywhere
Customer Service Representative

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Customer Service Use Cases

Live Video Technical App Troubleshooting Support

Add a video customer support button to your app and give your customers an Amazon Mayday-like experience and communicate and troubleshoot with them right on their device. Customer service agents save time while troubleshooting [...]

Field Service

When in the field, service reps use the back camera on smartphones or tablets to contact experts located at headquarters to get help on troubleshooting devices and equipment while out on the job, eliminating the need [...]