SightCall for NICE CX One

You can get to the heart of a problem faster when you can see it for yourself. Launch video calls with AR video support directly from a chat and set a whole new service standard with SightCall for NICE CXone.

Deliver Remarkable Service Experiences Powered by Sight

A lack of visual context and input during service calls can often lead to long handle times, frustrated employees, and dissatisfied customers.

By blending the digital and physical worlds into a real-time collaborative environment, SightCall increases shared understanding to deliver stress-free and meaningful experiences for customers and employees alike.

Easily add live video with AR support to any audio or chat session with simple invitation options integrated directly into the NICE CXone contact record for rapid adoption and initiation.

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Improve Communication

Customer expectations have changed. Face-to-face communication improves clarity and connection and makes it easier to deliver a more personalized experience.

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Resolve Customer Issues Faster

Seeing what the customer sees can enable service representatives to visually assess the problem and guide them through all types of troubleshooting scenarios more effectively.

Create Memorable Customer Journeys

Video provides a more engaging experience compared to traditional voice-only calls, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

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