A customer calls your insurance company hoping to answer questions and looking to get help filing a claim. He tries to describe the situation as best he can, but is having difficulty explaining everything that is going on. In order to confirm his details, your agent will have to schedule a time for a claims adjuster to visit his house to get some of the finer details, corroborate his story, and approve the claim. As the agent checks the availability of the next adjuster, two weeks from now, she thinks to herself, "imagine if I could just see everything from his point of view right now." She makes a good point. What if your agents could verify claim information in real-time without the need to spend time and money sending an adjuster to the location?

The technology is here. While an agent is talking to a customer, they can gather crucial information from him or her. But, there is only so much that a voice-based call can offer. If agents deem that claims can be filed on the spot they can leverage customers who are already on location by starting a video call.

Nearly 2 out of every 3 adults in the US now own a smartphone, up 35% from 2011 and not showing signs of slowing down. You can leverage the power of this continuously growing segment of the population. Avoid sending an adjuster on-site when it's not necessary and instead have the customer show your agents the damage via video calling. Not only does this reduce the cost associated with sending an adjuster to multiple locations, it means that adjusters are spending less time traveling and more time talking to customers. This decreases wait time for customers who need to file quickly. The sooner your customers can get their claim filed, the sooner they can get their lives back in order. And, the faster that happens, the happier they are with their insurance company, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fighting fraud is another ongoing battle for insurance companies. Not having an agent physically inspect claims might make some insurers uneasy. However, with a built-in geo-location feature, you can be assured that the location matches the claim information. With live video and recording capabilities, your agents can direct the customer to show you anything that seems out of order. And, from the customers' perspective, they can share any images from a smartphone's camera roll to show the situation at any time prior to the damage and share it directly with agents.

By seeing problems in real-time, you can help customers file claims properly which will reduce time waiting for approval instead of re-filing a claim that had errors. Agents can also show customers how to handle the situation so that it is completed faster and further damage is prevented. This helps reduce repair time, which can save money on claims such as water damage, where the damage can get worse the longer it goes without being addressed, with complications with mildew, mold, or rotting wood. Now everything is more efficient.

Once your agents or adjusters have seen the problem the final step is to actually file the claim. Agents can push pre-filled claims documents directly to the customer's device. All the customer needs to do is verify the information is correct and sign on the dotted line.

Now, with SightCall Visual Claims, the agent is able to see the problem in real-time, confirm that it is legitimate, add images to the claim, and have a customer file directly from his smartphone. The claims process that was going to take two weeks was instead reduced to a matter of minutes.

If you're ready to get started, talk to us about trying a SightCall Visual Claims demo today or check out a short video about how to file insurance claims in real-time.