Earlier this morning we officially opened the beta program for Weemo’s 4.0 real-time video API.

For developers, enterprise software vendors and integrators, this program should be very welcome news. No longer will they have to grapple with the daunting, complex task of integrating monolithic third-party solutions in order to add real-time video collaboration to their web and mobile apps.

The open beta is designed to make it easier (and faster) for software vendors and developers to embed real-time video into any web or mobile app without disrupting the user’s workflow. It also allows managed service providers to add real-time video to their services, opening new premium revenue streams. With Weemo, any user can launch a video call in just one click. It is the first time that high-quality real-time video can be delivered in-app through a simple API at a global scale -- and accessed from any browser or iOS/Android device.

Real-time video collaboration is an area we have deep history and success. Over the years, we’ve developed, managed and deployed unified communications solutions for a number of large global enterprises and telcos. That extensive experience is what drove us to build a real-time video cloud platform that makes life a little bit easier (okay, a lot easier) for software vendors, service providers and – ultimately – the end users they serve. It’s a cloud-based real-time platform for a cloud-based world.

Register today and join a growing list of companies like Zimbra, Oracle, Tata Communications, Bouygues Telecom and eXo who are already adding Weemo’s easily accessible, API embeddable, real-time video to their social software solutions.