SightCall VISION: 5 Things You Need to Know

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You don’t need to be told one more time that customer expectations are changing.

You already know that a single bad service experience can undo months, even years, of hard work.

You’ve read the numbers. Your team knows what’s at stake.

That’s why, as an enterprise service leader, you’re looking for…

Your organization wants a solution that works and plays well with the software and systems that you’re already using.

You need to move the metrics needle fast with a platform that can deploy in weeks instead of months. Because hitting those quarterly KPIs wasn’t just a friendly suggestion from your company leadership.

It sounds like you need a bold new way of working.

It sounds like you need SightCall VISION.

Watch our 2-minute Demo Video.

What is SightCall Vision?

SightCall VISION is more than just a technological advancement; it's a new way of working,” said SightCall CEO Thomas Cottereau. “It’s a more VISUAL way of working.

Simply stated, SightCall VISION is a visual software platform for enterprise service providers.

It helps you see more to solve faster and serve better.

It leverages a suite of visual technologies including AR-enabled live video, digital process automation, and multimodal generative AI. Each helps you create a more intuitive and less complicated way of working.

And that improved perspective speeds understanding, reduces errors and saves time that would have been spent searching, waiting, talking or traveling.

At its core, SightCall VISION addresses a common challenge: the disconnect between the high level of service customers expect and what enterprises can realistically provide.

Your business needs are unique, complex and likely hard to sum up in a few hundred words.

The same goes for SightCall VISION.

Of course, the best way to see what the platform does (and what it can do for you) is to schedule a free demo.

But in the meantime, let’s take a quick look at the big things you need to know about SightCall VISION

1. Visual Service is More Effective

Why is visual service more effective?

Because humans are hard-wired for seeing:

Think of the saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words.”

If every second counts, why waste 7.5 minutes explaining something that an image could convey in an instant? (the average speaking rate is 125-150 words per minute)

If your challenge is solving customer problems or providing expert support to technicians in the field, visual service makes more sense.

Adding SightCall VISION to your current service stack is like taking off a blindfold or switching on the lights in a dark room.

We believe it works as a powerful lever to lower costs and boost revenue where it matters most.

And we can prove it.

2. SightCall VISION Moves the Metrics That Matter

Empowering your teams to see and solve challenges in real-time, opens doors to unprecedented operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

SightCall has been at this for a while.

While our start was in remote live video support, SightCall has evolved over the last decade by leaps and bounds in response to the changing needs of our clients.

“Technology is moving very fast. It’s our job to make sure we are leveraging the most innovative tools and solutions,” said SightCall COO, Ronan Souberbielle.

“But it’s about more than just technology, it’s the application of that technology to fulfill specific business needs and achieve tangible outcomes for our clients. That’s where SightCall makes a difference.”

Our global clients see remarkable results every day with Visual Assistance:

And some of the biggest changes can be seen in customer satisfaction, with significant boosts in scores like NPS and CSAT, as well as jumps in the overall quality of customer experience.

Giving your customers the ability to be heard AND seen helps them feel connected and understood.

They will appreciate not hearing “Who are you?” and “What’s the problem?” on an endless loop.

SightCall VISION can help you rewrite the traditional service script. It replaces repetitive queries with insightful, guided experiences.

“I SEE where you've been. Let me SHOW you how to solve this issue,” becomes the new service mantra.

3. Four Important Words Sum Up SightCall VISION

See. Analyze. Guide. Report.

Those four simple words form the heart of what our platform can do.

That’s why we’re so excited about the combination of augmented reality (AR), video assistance, and multimodal generative AI-enhanced computer vision in a unified enterprise platform.

Think of the field technician, alone and stumped in front of an industrial printing machine that needed to be online two hours ago.

Think of the woman heading to work who expected her coffee machine to fill a travel mug with coffee but got a blinking red error light instead.

Think of the family in Iceland whose pipes burst after midnight in the middle of a winter storm.

The only thing that matters to each of them? A fast and simple solution to their problem.

SightCall VISION is there, at the moment of service, to help customers, technicians, agents and experts SEE issues clearer to solve them faster.

The technician can view the printer using augmented reality, he can instantly connect to add the eyes of a remote expert, or he can utilize advanced Computer Vision AI that can help ANALYZE the issue.

The decaffeinated woman can use her smartphone to connect to customer service, take a photo of her coffee machine and receive instant assistance in the form of digital instructions, videos or both, as well as a live remote GUIDE taking her step-by-step through the troubleshooting process.

The family in Iceland can upload photos, videos and key insurance information immediately instead of waiting for an adjuster to arrive on site.

SightCall VISION accelerates the claims process and a full, multimedia REPORT can be created with generative AI.

Smart, visual software like SightCall VISION empowers your people, uncomplicates your processes and can transform service from a cost center to a revenue builder.

4. SightCall VISION is the Enemy of Waste

Money. Time. Carbon. Effort.

When it comes to different kinds of waste, SightCall VISION has no favorites.

It dislikes them all.

“Creating a more visual way to work helps eliminate waste in almost every way,” said CEO Thomas Cottereau. “In the environment, in the product, in efficiency and even by preventing the waste of energy that people spend in search of solutions.”

SightCall VISION helps field service organizations reduce carbon emissions by eliminating unnecessary truck rolls.

For busy customer service contact centers, VISION saves valuable agent time by increasing call deflection and improving first-call resolution.

The productivity gains you’ll see by upgrading from traditional service tools like paper forms or disconnected legacy systems? Huge.

One of our favorite features of SightCall VISION is how it saves time for customers and technicians by getting them key information exactly where (and when) it’s needed.

Companies can have massive knowledge bases, but that knowledge is worthless if it can’t be quickly found by customers and service teams.

If the answers to questions aren’t readily accessible to technicians on site or customers faced with product issues… are they really answers at all?

5. SightCall VISION is Ready to Change the Way You Work

In an era of rising customer expectations and evolving technology, enterprise companies need to open their eyes to stay ahead.

Service teams stuck using the old tools of voice, chat, and paper forms are flying blind… and leaving their customers in the dark.

Long ago, vision provided early humans with an evolutionary advantage.

The ability to see clearly helped us identify dangers and opportunities. We could avoid poison berries and spot camouflaged predators.

Vision helped us understand our environment and develop relationships. It helped us solve problems.

Today, SightCall VISION seeks to offer a similar evolutionary edge to enterprise service teams, with a dynamic platform that enhances, expands, and extends your service organization’s field of vision.

We know that digital transformation doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch.

We know that rethinking the way your organization works is a complicated journey that is sometimes easier to take one step at a time.

But we also know that the world is changing fast.

Technology is evolving. Customers expect more. And companies are struggling with how to do more with less.

That’s why, there’s never been a better time to prepare your business for tomorrow than today.

Got two minutes? We can show you how SightCall VISION works...

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