5 Habits of Highly Effective CX Leaders

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In today’s competitive market, quality customer service is not just an act—it's a consistent habit.

According to the State of Customer Experience research by Genesys, more than half of surveyed companies prioritize Customer Experience (CX) at the board level. That means CX leaders need to adopt habits that consistently drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

And a white paper from NICE and Aberdeen shows that CX leaders who embrace CX-fluency, that is the streamlining of a company's tools and processes for CX improvement purposes, retain 81% of their customers, as opposed to the 63% retained by companies that don't.

Here are five habits effective CX-fluid contact center leaders can cultivate towards fostering quality customer engagement:

Habit #1: Harbor a Customer-Centric Mindset

Customers are the lifeblood of any company, so prioritize their needs and show them you're working toward meeting their expectations.

Here’s how:

Habit #2: Prioritize Data-Driven Decision Making & Embrace Modern Technology

To avoid operating in the dark, leverage data and the latest technologies to drive decisions, ensuring each customer feels valued and recognized.

Here’s how:

Habit #3: Foster Cross-Departmental Collaboration for a Unified Focus

Collaboration with other departments and stakeholders is vital.

Here’s how to do it:

Habit #4: Prioritize Employee Engagement for Optimal Service Delivery

Head counts and budgets for customer service staff are increasing by up to 50% at most companies surveyed, and CX leaders must recognize the importance of engaged and empowered employees in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Here’s how:

Habit #5: Embrace the Journey of Continuous Improvement

To deliver outstanding customer service, CX leaders stay committed to the path of continuous improvement.

Here’s how:

The Future of CX Leadership

Contact centers are almost always a customer's first point of communication when reaching out to a company.

How long they continue to do business with you can be decided entirely by their experience when they access your contact center—31% of customers stopped using a company after a negative interaction in the past year (Genesys).

By instilling these five habits, CX leaders can drive positive change, align the organization with customer-centric goals, and ensure exceptional experiences. In doing so, they don't just retain customers but also uphold the age-old wisdom of quality as a consistent habit.

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