How SightCall works?

SightCall allows your field force to leverage augmented remote guidance from offsite experts

SightCall reverses the traditional field service model where expertise was in the field, by making expertise available to the field remotely.

When a tech cannot finalize a repair, by simply clicking the Video Expertise button in their FS App will connect to a central or field expert.

When a customer is having an issue, a field tech can use remote guidance to implement a quick fix or identify missing parts or complications to ensure the onsite visit will be effective.

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Improve your metrics as never before

Benefits seen by Companies implementing AR solutions


Improved First-time Fix


Improved time to resolution


Reduced training timesfor field technicians

By avoiding several tens of thousands of truck rolls per month, our customers save millions, provide a better service to their customers and preserve our planet

Evaluate what it costs you to not implement SightCall

Address your organization’s challenges

SightCall Field Service customers most popular uses cases

Field force support

Technicians are not alone on site anymore; with one touch on their phone they can receive remote expertise and guidance.
Improve First Time Fix Rate & Address Field Service talent crisis/growing complexity issue/contractor management challenges.

Field inspection

With SightCall desk agents/experts get a quick remote clear view of the site and can grab photos, recordings and all the evidence they need.
Ideal for insurance claims, legal and QA inspections, repairs, contractor management, dangerous environments and accident reporting.

Pre-service review

Determine the scope of work, the tools required and estimate time required on site.Shorten and optimize the dispatch process and routing challenges by avoiding unnecessary on site pre-visits.

Customer remote assistance

Provide your customer with assistance, helping them to get the product working.
Help customers fix issues remotely, and remove their dependency on waiting for an onsite visit. Involve customers and provide immediate answers and solutions which improve their satisfaction and loyalty.

Who do we help?

SightCall helps many great brands improve their field operations either directly or via our large partner network providing change management, integration or even out of the box or customized apps.

3 ways of getting started

SightCall provides a turn key solution that you can start using… Today!
This is an easy way to get started with SightCall and discover the value of Augmented Reality powered Video Assistance in their organization.

SightCall provides a complete set of connectors, APIs and SDKs. See Customizations page providing you with the ability to integrate Video Assistance into your business workflow, saving pictures in your case management system, empowering your field service apps…and much more.

SightCall is empowering the most advanced and well recognized Field Service Management (FSM) Software. Activate SightCall in your ServiceMax, ServicePower, CoreSystems or Salesforce App.

Field Service Customer Support Use Cases

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