Emerging Standard will enable a consistent video calling experience across all major browsers

October 29, 2014, San Francisco, CA (PRWeb) –Leading WebRTC Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider SightCall™, today announced support for the emerging ORTC standard. SightCall has been tracking the development of the ORTC standard and was pleased to see Microsoft announce that it intends to support ORTC in Internet Explorer. The SightCall Platform as a Service adheres to the core ORTC standard outline as it stands today, and SightCall can assure customers of the platform’s compatibility.

With the recent Microsoft announcement that the next version of Internet Explorer (IE) will support ORTC the company joins the industry trend of bringing real time communication, or video calling, directly into the browser without the need to download a plugin. SightCall has been following the progress of Microsoft and ORTC and are proud to announce that its Platform as a Service is compatible with both WebRTC and ORTC.

"We are excited to see Microsoft take a step in the direction of furthering real-time communication," said SightCall CEO, Thomas Cottereau, "It is extremely important to customers to offer a consistent online experience across browsers. We would prefer to see the browser vendors all working together towards the same standard, but this is certainly a step in the right direction".

According to Emil Protalinski from VentureBeat, “Skype is under threat, and Microsoft has finally decided to opt for an “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” strategy.” Having Microsoft join the WebRTC conversation greatly benefits the web community and, with a decade worth of data from millions of Skype and Lync users, gives developers more information to use. Even though they are not completely WebRTC compatible it is a positive sign for those advocating WebRTC standardization.

As a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), SightCall will continue to improve the latest standards to ensure interoperability across all browsers. As Microsoft and other companies continue to update their products, SightCall’s platform will continue to evolve along with them.

About SightCall:

SightCall provides a WebRTC Platform as a Service (PaaS) encompassing a global real-time video infrastructure and a development framework composed of APIs and mobile SDKs. The Weemo Global Video PaaS abstracts the complexity associated with leveraging WebRTC such as: deploying hardware, authenticating users, auto-adjusting the resolution to the environment, or delivering reliable multi-party video chat on any device.