Augmented Reality for Medical Devices

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Healthcare industries that have the need for visual assistance for life science and medical devices. For healthcare technology industries, visual assistance helps managing the installation, maintenance, or repair of medical equipment installed.

What is AR powered visual support?

Using AR-powered visual support, an organization’s most skilled technicians can handle more jobs remotely, giving them the freedom to focus on high value customers, complex repairs and supporting technicians in the field. Our enterprise-grade platform helps you collect, share and deliver service knowledge across your entire organization so that all technicians can work at their maximum potential, regardless of their experience level or expertise.

What are the benefits of AR for Medical Devices?

On average SightCall for Life Sciences and Medical Device customers see:

"The partnership that we have developed with SightCall revolutionizes the way that we are able to support GE Healthcare customers in the field. By reducing medical device downtime, we are helping healthcare providers spend more time on the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of their patients."

- Jaco Bierman General Electric Healthcare, ASEAN Service Operations Manager

How is AR used for Medical Device Remote Support?


SightCall cuts down on the time, travel and resources needed to fix problems. Empowers your experts to solve problems quickly and accurately so that they spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient outcomes.


With access to AR work instructions and visual assistance, technicians are empowered to accomplish work orders. Using SightCall for remote triage ensures that when a technician arrives onsite, they will have the tools and knowledge that are needed to complete the task efficiently.


See what your customer or patient sees and provide fast, personalized support that improves the customer experience.

What features are important for Medical Device AR remote support?

Visual assistance offers a robust toolkit that’s different than video conferencing software such as Zoom or Facetime. The ability to use AR annotations to give instructions helps solve problems while Document Share means that techs don’t have to carry manuals. Unparallel privacy and security including HIPPA compliance and automatic face blurring keeps all company and customer data confidential.

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