Weemo Partners with TrueVault to Launch the First HIPAA-Compliant Video Cloud Platform

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SAN FRANCISCO, February 25, 2014 – Weemo, a company that enables software providers to easily embed real-time video into their applications, today announced a partnership with TrueVault, making it the first HIPAA-compliant video cloud platform to power telehealth apps with WebRTC. HIPAA-compliant capabilities offered by this platform include video capture, recording and on-demand video playback.

By interfacing the Weemo Global Video Cloud with TrueVault HIPAA-compliant data store, Weemo offers telehealth apps a platform that abstracts the complexity of delivering HIPAA-compliant video consultations from authenticating users to recording calls, all of the process being executed in a secure cloud.

“WebRTC is a game changer for the telehealth market and many developers are looking to leverage this new technology. With this new offering, videoconferencing is no more restricted to internal collaboration between members of the medical staff. Telemedicine now allows live interactions between patients and physicians.” said Thomas Cottereau, CEO of Weemo.

This offers a unique solution for the telehealth and Electronic Health Records markets which projected to account for $10.1 billion by the end of 2015 (according to Accenture) in the US market.

With no hardware to deploy or manage, the collaboration between Weemo and TrueVault simplifies the technical and regulatory complexities when building a telehealth app. Telehealth solutions such as MediSprout can embed HIPAA-compliant video calls by simply using APIs for browsers and SDKs for mobile apps.

“Our collaboration came naturally as TrueVault and Weemo are two companies with the similar mission to eliminate the technical complexity for their customers.” says Jason Wang, Founder & CEO of TrueVault. “With this partnership, both companies will reinforce their position to capture the growing demand of the telehealth market”.

Weemo and TrueVault are exhibiting this week at HIMSS at the booth 7293-15. They will also hold the session (ID: SU19) “HIPAA Compliance for Developers” jointly, today from 3:00PM – 3:30PM. Also, you can learn more about HIPAA requirements for video conferencing here.

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About Weemo With Weemo, you can add real-time video in less than a day into your app that users can experience on any browser, any device and any network. Weemo provides a WebRTC Platform encompassing a global real-time video infrastructure and a development framework composed of APIs and mobile SDKs. Weemo's Global Video Cloud Platform abstracts the complexity associated with leveraging WebRTC such as: deploying hardware, authenticating users, auto-adjusting the resolution to the environment or delivering reliable multi-party video chat. For more information go to: http://weemo.com/ or follow the company @Weemo

About TrueVault TrueVault is a HIPAA compliant data store. TrueVault offers healthcare applications a secure API to store protected health information (PHI). TrueVault handles all of the technical requirements mandated by the HIPAA Security Rule. Typical integration takes days and saves months of development time. TrueVault will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and protects customers under a comprehensive Privacy/Data Breach insurance policy. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., TrueVault was founded in 2013 and is led by Jason Wang and Trey Swann. For more information, visit www.truevault.com; and follow at @TrueVault.

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