When something happens, you want to know that your insurance is there to help right away. No matter how big or small, accidents and disasters can be a scary and exhausting time, and you want to get life back to normal as quickly as possible.

With SightCall Visual Claims, insurance companies can now provide the immediacy and ease of use that customers demand, while improving claim accuracy and reducing costs!

Matt has a small accident with his car, he calls his insurance to get started with the claims process. Because Matt is still in the moment and location of the accident, the insurance company can expedite the claims process, and life can start getting back to normal again for Matt.


By providing the initial assessment (aka FNOL - first notification of loss) remotely

Matt speaks to his adjuster, Sara, who, instead of setting up an appointment, starts a video call with the back camera of Matt's mobile phone.

Tools such as flashlight control, pausing live video, annotations, and picture sharing help Matt and Sara discuss the damage in the same context and eliminates the risk of inaccurate claims.

Once Matt moves closer to the damage areas Sara turns on the flashlight and pauses the video. Sara can then draw on the image to highlight the damaged parts and then save the image to the claim.

The claim is filed within minutes following the accident!

By speeding-up the supplemental claim process

After the FNOL process, the damage vehicle is transported to an identified repair shop.

Almost every time, the repair shop requires additional work to your car. And before they start anything they need approval from your insurance company.

Using SightCall Visual Claims, the insurance company communicates with the repair shop to validate the supplemental claim that represents an accurate and complete estimate to repair the vehicle as the value for the loss.

What are the main advantages?

1. Improved Accuracy

Not having an agent physically inspect claims might make some insurers uneasy but Insurance companies can't send an adjuster all the time and they sometimes have to rely on documents that can actually be “doctored” or “faked” using readily available tools .

Live video, picture sharing and geo-location features provided by SightCall Visual Claims actually reduce the risk of inaccurate claims.

2. Reduced costs

Reduce cost associated with sending an adjuster to multiple locations. Adjusters are spending less time traveling and more time talking to customers.

3. Increased customer satisfaction

The sooner your customers can get their claim filed, the sooner they can get their lives back in order. And, the faster that happens, the happier they are with their insurance company, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you’re in the insurance industry and willing to clean-up your claim processing, talk to us about trying a SightCall Visual Claims demo today!