SightCall Visual Assistance for Transportation

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Digitally Transform Your Service Organization

The digital revolution has changed the way automobiles, airplanes and trains are built, maintained and repaired. Complexity of modern technology, diagnostic systems and computerized interfaces means that technicians must require a higher level of training and certification than their predecessors. For consumers, these luxuries can create safer travel experiences, but can present complications when it comes to navigating and setting up complicated computer systems and advanced settings. When questions and complex issues arise, SightCall visual assistance helps service organization bridge the gap between problem and resolution.

Guide Customers And Technicians Towards Fast First Time Fix

SightCall enables service organizations to see the issue a technician or customer is facing in real time. Simply trigger an SMS to initiate a visual support session through WebRTC or the SightCall app to see the issue, triage and provide remote expertise.

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Bring Remote Expertise Into The Workshop

Solving complicated issues over the telephone can be a challenge. With SightCall, the technician can show the problem to a remote technical support expert through their mobile device. SightCall also allows Technical Support to draw on the technician's mobile screen and display additional information such as circuit diagrams or the position of hidden components. The technician can scan additional information such as the chassis number and send it to Technical Support, or can indicate particular components with a pointer.

Use Cases

Digitally transform your service organization with visual assistance.

Remote Diagnostics

See and guide remotely to resolve issues without sending an expert onsite.

Customer Support

Support customers through setup and maintenance to improve NPS and differentiate your service.

Product Configuration

Provide remote "white glove" product configuration services on complex and automated product features.

Remote Training

Guide junior technicians remotely and bring them up to speed with access to AR, AI and remote expertise.

Why Use SightCall? The Numbers Don’t Lie!

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Improved First Time Fix Rate. Avoid repeated repairs with AI/AR assisted maintenance.


Increased Customer Satisfaction. Raise the bar for customer service expectations.


Decreased Training Time. Enhance new technician effectiveness in the field.

Key Features

Automatic Call Distribution
Document Share
Draw and Annotate
Device Agnostic
Take HD Photos
AR Smart Measure
NPS Score

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