What service organizations can do to measure and reduce their environmental impact

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Enterprises in nearly every sector are increasingly expected to be able to demonstrate tangible progress on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance – particularly on sustainability goals. New technologies are leading the way in helping them do so.

Service organizations are usually at the top of the list of quick-win business units when it comes to boosting environmental impact.

Within each of them are opportunities to cut down on physical travel, reduce or eliminate parts wastage, and avoid product returns from their customers.

These efficiencies and savings are a benefit for the planet, as well as for a company’s bottom line. Problematically, however, is that most organizations lack the ability to accurately quantify and report their ESG metric improvements.

A 2021 report from Deloitte names several essential considerations for optimizing ESG in practice: How do companies get complete, reliable data? Once they have it, how do they operationalize and work with the data? How is the data reported? And what does it tell the company about its operations?

Visual assistance is highly beneficial for companies looking to implement meaningful and quantifiable answers to these challenges, helping field service organizations to reduce their impact on the environment. Then they can see, assess, and harness their ESG data to both accelerate corporate responsibility measures and bolster regulatory compliance.

What SightCall can do for sustainability

SightCall is proud to be a sustainability solution for enterprises, and we’re particularly excited to invite everyone to sign up and join us at our Quantifying Sustainability webinar on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 10:00 am CDT.

During this session, you’ll discover how your business can use visual assistance technology to elevate sustainability efforts and quantify the impact on our planet, in order to meet your corporate sustainability objectives. Additionally, for each verified webinar registration, SightCall will plant one tree in the registrant's name through our partners at One Tree Planted.

With our new Sustainability Dashboard, you can now record and share your ESG metrics, derived from the usage of our visual assistance platform, to gain a greater understanding of your impact on the environment. On the compliance side, this has the added benefit of aligning with ESG reporting standards set by the government.

Our guest speaker, Allianz’s Albert Miralles, will talk about the positive impact visual assistance technology has had on the business in significantly reducing carbon emissions. Allianz can now accurately track and measure CO2 savings for each avoided on-site visit to a policyholder’s home through SightCall’s new Sustainability Dashboard.

There is continued pressure from governments mandating adherence to regulations, as well as investor and consumer expectations to measure and report on sustainability metrics. For all this, our solutions are here to help.

We’re empowering our customers across manufacturing, retail, utilities, healthcare, and insurance to reduce their CO2 emissions using SightCall’s remote visual support technology.

When you’re ready, start your digital transformation journey by requesting a SightCall demo.