A Leading Third-Party Administrator (TPA) standardizes their Repair Services with SightCall Digital Flows

The repair services division of a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk and benefits solutions needed a way to ensure that repair work was performed and inspected to exacting standards while working with a large network of independent contractors.

The client offers customized managed repair, restoration and mitigation through their network of contractors that spans 1,800 locations, covering all major and secondary markets. By offering a one-stop solution for securing high-quality repairs for property damage and restoration work, they have earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most trusted names in the insurance restoration industry.

Standardized repair processes were impossible to achieve without redundancies and frequent inspections when working with large numbers of independent contractors of varying skillsets and experience. Without a streamlined digital process for performing and inspecting work, the client risked costly additional site visits, contract delays, safety issues, and even penalties.

Choosing the Right Digital Process Automation Platform

To ensure the quality of work was standardized and safety protocols followed, the client sought out a digital process automation tool that would guide any contractor through specific inspection processes throughout the job while gathering all necessary information and documentation including HD photos and video.

The solution needed to integrate directly into their CRM as well as a content management platform used to regulate access to media according to their in-house security protocols. Building on the success of using SightCall’s Visual Assistance for remote support, the company chose to expand their digital services by adding SightCall Digital Flows.

SightCall Digital Flows Guide Each Step of the Repair Process

Contractors receive access to a Digital Flow through a text or email link or directly from within the CSM. A Digital Flow can be completed on any mobile device, with all relevant information and media uploaded directly to the case file. These customized flows are completed before the work begins, while the work is performed, and after the work is completed and handed off.

When kicking off a project, the Digital Flow guides the contractor to record a video of the work site while describing the work needed. The contractor is prompted to identify any safety concerns present. Selecting any of these triggers an action that immediately loops in the people needed to approve the work so it can move forward. A task is generated in the CRM, notifying the relevant party to review the case file and associated media.

During the repair process, SightCall Digital Flows are used to monitor the quality of the work and identify any problems throughout the process. Contractors are prompted to take videos with commentary about the work for each relevant room or area in the house. If any safety issues or additional work needs are identified, they can be instantly sent directly to the team lead supervising the project, or to an insurance adjuster for approval.

The Benefits of Digital Process Automation with SightCall

By digitizing the entire repair and inspection processes, the client ensures that any contractor in their network will complete their work to meet universal quality and safety standards. Full and auditable documentation increases quality control, efficiency, and compliance. Most importantly, repair projects are completed faster, with fewer errors.

Being able to inspect and approve work remotely with SightCall Visual Assistance had already helped to reduce delays and eliminates unnecessary site visits. As highly-trained specialists, adjusters’ time is very valuable. Reducing the amount of in-person visits they perform leads to significant cost savings.

By empowering contractors to collect all the necessary information with SightCall Digital Flows, adjusters save even more time by remotely viewing each work order that needs their attention. By providing everything needed for remote inspection and approval, time is saved and efficiency is increased.

Digital Flows can also be completed without an internet connection. All information and media files are cached until a connection is restored. This is especially valuable in remote areas or in the case of repair work after widespread damage due to natural disasters such as hurricanes. When a connection is detected again, everything is uploaded automatically into the work order, ensuring that no data is lost and no time is wasted.

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