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IT Deployment

SightCall interoperates with your secure networks

SightCall developed an advanced mechanism to interoperate securely and seamlessly with your network infrastructure. SightCall encrypts the Real-Time communication streams and signaling into a single HTTPS tunnel. The SightCall service runs without requiring any modifications to your secure network in 95% of all cases.

When required to traverse your firewalls, SightCall provides a list of URLs to be white-listed by your firewalls and security equipment. We also provide guidance and best practices to help you optimize the sizing and routing of the live streams.

Deployment trick: Ask SightCall for a test account to run a simple verification test with a device connected on your network to determine if you require any network configuration modifications or if you are ready to start using the service immediately.

Desktop Integrations

The SightCall web console was designed to be embeddable into any web interface. By integrating the SightCall JavaScipt library into your web app, you can create a unique unified experience.

Using the SightCall JavaScript front library, integrate the SightCall Console either as an iFrame, to display the video in your unified user interface or as a popup activated on demand from your interface.

You can also leverage our complete suite of methods to pass information to/from the SightCall console, these include: a case reference number, a phone number, an email address. Using this programmatic approach to pass this information avoids error-prone and cumbersome copy/paste steps and enable one click starting of video assistance sessions.

Integration trick: Integrating the web console will even give you access to hidden features such as live bookmarking while recording videos.



Get started immediately with our Visual Support application

The Visual Support application is made available by SightCall for free to SightCall customers.
Invite any iOS or Android user to a Visual Support session via SMS, email, chat or even your website.

They will download the Visual Support app and can engage into a video assistance interaction on the spot.


Get a personalized experience in a matter of weeks

SightCall provides you your own branded SightCall Mobile app. Provide us your logo, design guidance, and we’ll manage the coding for you as well as software updates/maintenance overtime. We can also take care of the hassle of publishing the application to the mobile app stores for you.

In that scenario, a user who receives a link to start a video call will be redirected to your own branded and dedicated application found in the Apple or Google Play store upon clicking on the invitation.


Integrate SightCall capabilities into your existing application

In that scenario, a user who receives a link to start a video call will be redirected to your own branded and dedicated application found in the Apple or Google Play store upon clicking on the invitation.

SightCall provides you a step by step documentation to make the integration easy. Our developer team is also always happy to help you with your integration!


The SightCall Platform captures detailed technical logs associated with the usage of the Service including insights into call duration, quality and network types. For privacy reasons, we don’t collect private information but rather insights into the use of the platform and service which can be helpful to optimize your use.

We generate extensive logs with each call and make the information easily accessible for reporting either by leveraging via the Analytics provided in the SightCall Administration portal, or via exporting the logs as a CSV file or using one of our REST APIs. Leverage this data to monitor and drive your activity.

Implementation trick: Import logs via the SightCall REST API and inject the information into your analytics tools to correlate with your business metrics thereby driving deeper insights.

Authentication & SSO

SightCall provides three different options to provision your users. You can either create users manually, or via batch imports in the SightCall administration portal or leverage the provisioning REST API to get them automatically synched with your systems.

You have the option to grant your users access the SightCall service using a SightCall login / password or by leveraging SightCall’s Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication mechanism with your user credentialing. By implementing SSO, your users will be authenticated automatically via your own mechanism, in the same manner as you may already have with your other apps.

Implementation trick: SightCall provides 2 SSO mechanisms. The first is compatible with SAML, using your SAML service provider. The second is compatible with OAUTH and leverages SightCall’s authentication server.

Recordings and media storage

Our policy is to enable you to store and manage your sensitive data using your preferred storage repository.

To store your video recordings, annotated pictures or other media generated during the session in your preferred repository, we make it easy for you to configure an end point in the SightCall Administration Portal. You have the choice between one of our standard methods including: SFTP Push, HTTPS Push or a Pull REST API, or alternatively using one of our connectors to AWS S3 or Box.

Integration trick: In the Admin Portal you can configure multiple endpoints to store your pictures to your server as well as even send them via email.

Managed Platform

Managing Quality of Service (QoS) is one of the biggest challenges of real Time Communication deployments, even with the emergence of WebRTC. Not to worry, SightCall manages your traffic making integrating video into your business process a straightforward effort.

The SightCall Cloud Platform is composed of several redundant core platforms that manage a constellation of globally distributed real-time platforms (RTPs) linked via high bandwidth connections. The RTPs are located in secure co-location data centers with multi-gigabit bandwidth access and available dedicated server capacity to host SightCall virtual machine system elements. To guaranty our unmatched service availability, we manage our own network and peering with Tier One Telcos across the globe.

Deployment trick: You can focus on your business workflow and customer experience; we’ll handle the rest for you. We are evolving the platform continuously to meet our global growing demand, contact us if you have any specific needs.

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