Customers today demand next-level service and support.

But many companies struggle with limited resources.

That’s why innovative medical device manufacturers are leveraging technology to help redefine product service.

SightCall’s visual engagement platform lets you create dynamic self-service experiences tailored to the ways your customers work.

When customers purchase large capital equipment such as imaging machines or monitors, you want their first experience to be a positive one. SightCall can enhance every step of the service process, starting with installation.

Using a custom SightCall Digital Flow, your customer can perform their own installation readiness assessment.

They can verify that all the shipments arrived on time, verify the condition of shipments and document any issues right away, and they can use advanced features such as augmented reality measurement tools to validate that their site is ready for installation, while meeting all safety and compliance standards.

One digital workflow can replace piles of paper forms and streamline processes to ensure that all data is captured in your system of record. Thanks to SightCall’s native system connectors, your installation teams can review these steps in real-time.

By leading with a self-service solution and making your customer a partner in the installation process, you can elevate their experience and increase efficiency across the board.