Thinking of Video Assistance as Just a “Feature” Will Result in Failure

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When weighing adding video assistance to your service offerings, there are many considerations. Embracing a simple add-on feature might hobble your efforts at digital transformation and keep your organization from leveraging the full benefits of video assistance. Here are some things to consider:


First and foremost, it is vital that the visual assistance platform you adopt will integrate into your existing workflow. This means the visual assistance tool must fit into the application the service delivery team is using every day – whether that’s a CRM, FSM, or trouble ticketing system.

Ideally, the visual assistance should be launched from within the platform of record. SightCall integrates into Salesforce, ServiceNow, ServiceMax, and Zendesk. We also have custom microservice integration allowing us to integrate into any proprietary system, eliminating barriers to providing remote video assistance within any system.

Data Integration

Integrating visual assistance into your existing systems not only streamlines the process of launching or joining a video assistance call, but it also prevents data from being unnecessarily siloed. You’ll want to be able to generate reports and look at statistics of your video assistance calls the same way you look at everything else.

SightCall provides data integrations that give organizations a full, end-to-end view of their data for BI and obtain actionable details. Combining SightCall and business data allows you to quickly calculate things like ROI and cost savings. You can see the full benefits of adding visual assistance to your workflow as well as cross-reference existing data to gain numerous high-level business insights.

Branding and Customization

Customers’ expectations for digital experiences are growing quickly. Delivering video assistance helps you differentiate your brand from your competitors. Making sure that the video assistance platform is useful and easy for everyone involved speaks volumes about your services and products. Branding your customer service is just as important as anything else. SightCall offers the flexibility to offer a fully branded, white-glove support service with the option to create a custom-branded app matched with your exact brand specifications.

When insurance giant Allianz partnered with SightCall they digitally transformed their entire claims process. Their branded and customized user experience ensured a seamless adoption, and they have since used the platform to process over 100,000 remote video claims and saved their adjusters from driving over 6.3 million kilometers in unnecessary travel.


You need to make sure that the video assistance technology you use can be configured to the specific use cases that fit your model. Having too many unneeded features can be just as off-putting to users as having too few. And most organizations will need tailored experiences for at least a few different use cases. Adopting a platform with a variety of features that can be tailored to your needs will always be more successful than using a single out-of-the-box solution.

SightCall is highly configurable and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. SightCall helps you identify use cases, each with a template used to enable or configure all the features and tools that can be used in a SightCall session. These use cases can be defined to fit precisely into the specific needs of any organization. For example, a business that does inspections can enable a subset of features specifically for that task. The same business might also do repairs, which they can easily set up to access a different set of features to easily facilitate their remote assistance for those cases.

Change Management

Providing services over video is not a matter of simply adding video to your existing model. You cannot simply turn on video and expect your team to be successful. It requires additional skills and using it well leads to many additional benefits. When Costa Express partnered with SightCall to power their digital transformation using visual assistance, their technical advisors have experienced a 79% increase in first call resolution through their helpline, solving 50% of issues at source since deploying SightCall.

It’s worth taking the time to choose and build a system that will bring more value to the organization and reduce unnecessary truck rolls in the field. SightCall has a success team that helps organizations to be successful with SightCall, including assisting with training and onboarding, reviewing your business goals, and setting up KPIs to measure them, managing customer usage to ensure your SightCall configuration is meeting your needs, and generally assist with anything you need.

If you are ready to digitally transform your business with remote video assistance be sure to choose a vendor that will help you to be successful. Start off small, don’t try to “boil the ocean” and tackle too many problems at once. Establish success with one use case before expanding into other areas of your business. With the right partner, implementing visual assistance can be incredibly beneficial. To learn more, contact our team of experts to discuss your visual assistance needs.

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