San Francisco, September 6, 2017 - SightCall, a global video cloud service, today announced the expansion of its operation in Singapore, New York, and London with the creation of three new offices. The move enables SightCall to now provide its customers and partners local representation to increase its presence in the UK, Asia, and across the US.

“Locating our HQ in San Francisco, amidst the innovators of the software industry has enabled SightCall to fine-tune our cloud ecosystem. Today, our customers are global, and several have deployed SightCall across more than 20 countries. Knowing that our software is transformative when industries integrate live video assistance into their business workflow and customer interactions, we’ve made this move to be closer to our customers who are true champions of innovation.” Said Marc Della Torre, EVP Business Development. "Demand for our video assistance comes from the many manufacturers, telcos, insurance companies located across the country. With offices on both coasts, we can be closer to our customers.”

Meanwhile, across the oceans, Emmanuel Lapierre, SVP of Sales EMEA & Asia Pacific said: “With our European success over the past two years, we have grown our sales and solution engineering teams to continue providing our customers the attention they require. London was a key requirement based on the traction we already have with UK customers. In Asia Pacific, Singapore was a natural choice to support our regional partners and start promoting SightCall across the region."

The Analyst firm IDC forecasts the U.S. video communications PaaS market to grow from $44 million in 2015 to $1.7 billion in 2020, at a 107% CAGR from 2015 to 2020. SightCall sees similar growth in Asia and Europe. Australia and LATAM are also gaining momentum.

To support the growth, the SightCall Operations Team has added five new data centers to the SightCall cloud infrastructure, extending its Real-Time platforms to new locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney. "SightCall reinforced its strategy of diversifying hosting sites and providers. For the first time, two of the new platforms were built on Alibaba hosting locations.” Said Antoine Vervoort, co-founder and head of Engineering and products. “As of today, we could have a disaster impacting each of these locations, and in fact, we could have several at the same time without impacting the service we deliver to our customers"

The SightCall platform is the only global video cloud communications platform providing 99.95% service availability SLAs. These SLAs are exceeded on a month-over-month basis, positioning SightCall as the most robust and reliable live video assistance service globally.

Businesses around the world in every industry seek new ways to serve customers, reinvent operations and modernize their business processes. Over the last few years, SightCall demonstrated a level of performance and security allowing global companies to securely engage with their customers, contractors, and field forces across multiple regions all on the SightCall platform. Pursuing its permanent innovation strategy, last month SightCall announced the addition of Augmented Reality capabilities into its service, thereby raising remote assistance to an unmatched level in the market.

About SightCall:

SightCall is the leading global Video Cloud platform delivering live rich interactions between businesses and customers. The Augmented Reality powered Video Assistance offered through SightCall is transforming the way companies are interacting with their customers and field forces. In a connected mobile-first world, businesses leveraging SightCall have the ability to see what their customers see and guide them remotely. The advantages for companies include getting a better view of the problem or the damage leads to a better and faster resolution. SightCall provides connectors that can be easily plugged into business applications such as Salesforce and mobile apps.