Report: The State of AI in Field Service 2021

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Partnering with SightCall, Copperberg has conducted a survey of the field service industry to compile a comprehensive report on the current state of AI in field service, detailing how AI can become an essential component for increased field efficiency, predictive maintenance, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

The concept of AI in field service is often misconstrued as a hefty and difficult project or initiative to deploy, when in fact, with the right technology partner who already has AI embedded into their offering, AI can be implemented and consumed through a myriad of features and systems designed to work together to empower technicians and supercharge organizations’ service offering.

A total of 110 field service leaders responded to the survey from across major field service verticals including automotive (12.75%), machinery (29.41), food & beverage (4.90%), construction and equipment (9.80%), healthcare/life sciences (3.92%), oil & gas (3.92%) and more. These leaders came from organizations who have large field service workforces- 501+ (32.35%), 201-500 (12.75%), 101-200 (7.84%), 51-100 (11.76%).

The full report includes sections on:

The report shows that video support is already being deployed by over 50% of field service organizations (FSOs) to help technicians perform their jobs more effectively, showing the market is more educated around the value of video support than it was 12-18 months ago.

The majority of FSOs (44.76%) are looking to deploy AI within the next 2-4 years, with some (17.14%) looking to deploy AI within the next 12 months or even (20%) looking to deploy immediately.

At SightCall, we’re changing the future of service delivery with AR and AI-powered visual assistance. Download the full report to learn how to empower your technicians and supercharge your service offering.

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