SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JANUARY 11, 2016 - By using new digital technologies, AG Insurance can drastically reduce the time required to complete claims. In many cases, home damage appraisals can be handled remotely via an app on the customer's smartphone or tablet. And, this makes it possible to process a claim in just a few days. After the successful completion of the trial, the deployment contract with SightCall has just been signed.

A crucial step

The rapid and accurate settlement of claims is the core business of all insurers. At this "moment of truth" the expertise - the phase during which a company expert visits the site to assess the extent of the damage and assign the compensation due –is a crucial step that strongly influences processing times and customer satisfaction. From now on, in many cases which involve damage to a dwelling (following a fire, storm, water damage, etc.), AG Insurance can apply the "video-expertise" technique. The expert no longer needs to visit the site and can get in contact with the client via an app installed on their smartphone or tablet. The camera of their mobile device enables the expert to visualize and estimate the damage. The app offers the expert the ability to make a photo or video recordings and control the flash in darker spaces (e.g., a cellar).

By integrating this technique of "video-expertise" into a highly simplified workflow, the duration of claims processing is drastically reduced, going from 3 to 4 weeks on average to only a few days.

90% of claims settled the same day

The test period demonstrated that a video expertise takes an average of 20 minutes. By reducing the duration of the intervention and removing travel, it becomes easier to coordinate the calendars of the expert and the client and to schedule an appointment more quickly. Another time-saver: the customer no longer has to ask for a quote from a repairman, a formality that requires on average almost 3 weeks. Indeed, the experience of the expert and a calculation tool developed by AG Insurance (with a database containing the most current prices in the construction sector) makes it possible in most cases to immediately calculate the appropriate compensation. If the client agrees, the expert can then close the file and pay the compensation to the customer's account on the same day. The test phase demonstrated that this was the case in about 90% of all video expertises.

The video expertise applies to all clients, whether they are insured at AG Insurance via BNP Paribas Fortis or through a broker. In the latter case, it goes without saying that the broker can also be involved in the video-expertise process. If he wishes, he can attend the remote appraisal via the same app.

AG Insurance estimates that only 20% of all claims that require expertise can’t be settled by video expertise.

Edwin Klaps, Administrator - Non-life & Brokerage Channel Director: "Whether they are mild or more serious, damage to your home is always a source of concern. Customers want repairs to take place as quickly as possible. Thanks to video expertise, we can ensure a much faster, more transparent, and user-friendly treatment for the client. One of our goals is to increase customer satisfaction. The test phase showed us that this objective is clearly achieved and that both the client and the broker and AG Insurance take advantage of this new process. The video-expertise illustrates perfectly how the introduction of digital techniques in the treatment of claims can exert a positive influence on the client experience."

Thomas Cottereau - CEO SightCall: SightCall is the leader in video assistance solutions and actively participates in the digital transformation of companies around the world, especially insurers. We are particularly pleased to participate in the transformation of the interactions between AG Insurance and its customers by enabling them to benefit from immediate expertise and optimized damage resolution. During the test phase, AG Insurance has paid particular attention to the subjects of the customer experience, the optimization of the claims processing chain, and the position of the broker. The result is a very fine digital transformation that benefits all the players involved in claims management.

About AG Insurance: With a total market share of 21.4% in 2015 (27.9% life insurance and 16.1% non-life insurance), AG Insurance is the leader of the insurance market in Belgium. The company tailors the delivery of its products in order to fit the specific needs its customers: via independant brokers, Fintro agents, BNP Paribas Fortis agencies, the bpost bank, and group insurances for large enterprises. AG Insurance has a network of more than 4,000 experts.

About SightCall: SightCall is the leading global Software-as-a-Service Cloud platform delivering live rich interactions between business and customers. The live video support offered through SightCall is transforming the way companies are interacting with their customers. In a connected mobile-first world, businesses leveraging SightCall have the ability to see what their customers see and guide them remotely. The advantages for companies include getting a better view of the problem or the damage leads to a better and faster resolution. SightCall provides connectors that can be easily plugged into business applications such as Salesforce and mobile apps.



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