Optima Seguros and Munich Re's Remote Inspection Tool

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Optima Seguros, an insurance company based in Puerto Rico, uses Munich Re’s Remote Inspection Tool powered by SightCall, for remote claims. While efficiency is improved for all claims, the tool is extremely invaluable for helping clients who have suffered major losses because of natural disasters.

Catastrophic natural events continue to increase in frequency and severity, turning homeowners’ lives upside-down before, during, and after the event. Insurers struggle to manage a large influx of claims with limited resources and frustrated policyholders. Using the Remote Inspection Tool can help save field adjusting resources for more complex losses where their skills are truly needed, saving insurers time and money.

Remote Claims with Added Features

During the claims process, the policyholder installs the easy-to-use app to record damage via video or photos right on the spot. The inspector can see and verify the damage instantly through a SightCall session. A remote agent can guide the policyholder via live video feed and record all damages.

The Remote Inspection tool also merges up-to-date aerial imagery to see the property from a birds-eye view, also allowing the adjuster to take measurements from these photos. Capturing the GPS coordinates during the call can verify the location of the policyholder and the claim.

The Remote Inspection tool produces custom reports instantly including all documentation, photos, and videos from the SightCall session. Remote agents can access the reports through a custom dashboard. The policyholder can receive confirmation of inspection in minutes after a summary report of the video call is sent to the adjuster. These comprehensive reports expedite the underwriting inspection process by reducing the need for a third-party to conduct the inspection, resulting in a fast turnaround for claims– often within the same day. This is especially valuable for catastrophe claims, allowing damages to be assessed and reported almost instantly.

"The remote inspection tool provides excellent features to provide a quick property survey without being in the field. You can gather valuable property information and identify its general physical conditions. The tool is also effective at follow-up risk improvements and repairs."

- David Irizarry Risk Solutions Engineer, Optima Seguros

Help When Customers Need it Most

The Remote Inspection Tool provides innovative claims management solutions that speed the process of recovery for everyone, helping people when they need it most. Feedback from both policyholders and adjusters has been overwhelmingly positive, with users finding the tool easy and fast to use, efficient and convenient.

Policyholders enjoy the convenience of not having to wait for an appointment with an adjuster and benefit from expedited claims settlements. Many of them are surprised to be offered such a simple and effective service.

"What I really like about the video inspection tool is that it provides new options to my clients. In times when the policyholder is difficult to reach, because of Corona or after a natural disaster this tool is a great answer to the question of how to quickly and competently handle claims without physical contact but once you have experienced it, it quickly becomes clear what potential the tool has in terms of time and cost savings."

- Tobias Heister Client Manager, Munich Re

Since deployment, Optima Seguros has done more than 400 remote inspections, the tool is firmly integrated into their claims and underwriting processes.

"From the point of view of an insurer the remote inspection tool is very attractive and can be managed easily. It reduces the lifetime of the claim, cutting the time of travel for the field adjuster, and giving us the power to grow our business without hiring more adjusters… it has given Optima Seguros a competitive advantage amongst our industry peers."

- Jose C. Soto Chief Claims Officer, Optima Seguros

When it’s time to rebuild, remote inspections can help facilitate agreement between contractors and insurers on the scope of work needed and can also increase the speed of routine home inspections for policy renewals. No matter how big or small the claim, policyholders benefit from quick responses, allowing Optima Seguros to help their customers when they need it most.

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