German Magazine Highlights Ways Deutsche Telekom Leverages SightCall for Sustainability

Julia Von Matzenau Marketing manager EMEA

The planet’s climate crisis is impacting businesses more than ever before.

Companies in the European Union are facing increasing global regulations around their environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Reporting on these sustainability goals is mandatory and businesses need to be proactive to stay compliant.

Deutsche Telekom is leading the way with the help of SightCall.

We’re proud to say that our partnership with the largest telecommunications provider in Europe was featured in the German magazine ServiceToday, which is published by the Service Association KVD.

You can read the full article in German here.

For non-German speakers and readers, here is an abbreviated English version:

Deutsche Telekom Service GmbH (DTS) has approximately 30,000 employees, with a field sales force of about 8,000 who offer technical support, as well as consulting and installation services carried out on customer site.

To reduce emissions and cut back unnecessary travel, DTS partnered with SightCall to make use of remote visual support solutions. SightCall’s SaaS solution leverages video with AR technology and digital process automation to make the knowledge of service experts available to field services and customers in real time.

In an initial pilot, the SightCall solution was used to virtually carry out on-site investigation for the installation of electric charging stations. Depending on the specific problem, expert technicians are often required to travel up to 200 kilometers to reach customers.

Instead of holding the first appointment on site, during which the structural situation is inspected to determine the measures and materials required, this first inspection takes place in a video call between the technician and customer. Using integrated functionalities such as augmented reality notes, photo documentation and electronic signature, the entire process can be carried out virtually.

Following the successful completion of the pilot, the SightCall solution is being applied in other use cases. It’s used by service employees to remotely support customers solving problems themselves, and equally by service employees to support each other.

SightCall also offers the possibility to track avoided emissions - travel time and travel costs, saved with visual assistance – which can be made transparent on a dashboard.

DTS uses SightCall’s Sustainability Dashboard and CO2 calculator. Using parameters such as the average fleet consumption and labor costs, and access to live traffic data, the calculator can provide a detailed overview of saved CO2 emissions and travel costs.

The SightCall solution reduces the need to travel, which in turn leads to significant energy savings and reduction of carbon footprint. This results in a direct environmental advantage for DTS, in addition to improved social benefits for field service technicians who avoid unnecessary travel and stress.

DTS wants to expand this use of digital and automated assistance to better leverage the knowledge of field service technicians, regardless of their location.

ServiceToday is the trade magazine for decision makers from service, marketing, logistics and technology. For 30 years it has provided information on management, organization and practice in service, technical trends and their economic and organizational impact on training and staff management, about people, products and companies in the service sector.

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