Elevating the Customer Experience with Smart Installation

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Dave is not a technical guy.

He didn’t bring home a new HD TV because he was looking for a challenge.

He invited some college friends over to cheer on their alma mater in the playoffs. All Dave wanted was a bigger screen and a clearer picture.

He didn’t count on five pages of schematics in three different languages with a pop quiz on router hardware and network connectivity.

Dave wanted this to be easier.

But a lack of resources on the company’s website sent him down a YouTube rabbit hole to nowhere.

The chatbot keeps asking him to call technical support.

And after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, the call quality is so poor that he has to read out the serial number three times before the agent apologizes that she will have to call back.

She never does.

Dave thinks, if this is the level of service he has to look forward to, he should have gone with the other brand.

He wonders, “How hard would it have been to make this process much easier?”

The Power of Smart Installation and Setup

In the era of smart homes and connected devices, our relationship with consumer goods is undergoing a remarkable transformation.

Technology has given us exciting new ways to interact with everything from speakers and thermostats to doorbells and lightbulbs. We can control and monitor more of the products we own with the push of a virtual button from our tablets and smartphones.

It makes sense that consumer goods companies extend this advanced intelligence and convenience to the installation and setup journey, ensuring that customers have a seamless and empowering product experience.

That’s why more brands are leveraging technology to guide buyers through the post-purchase process, streamline product registration, and provide dynamic installation resources.

Smart installation and setup can absolutely transform the customer experience, leading to improved engagement and long-term loyalty.

A More Convenient Start to Customer Relationships

Smart installation and setup offers customers a seamless and user-friendly experience right from the start.

By guiding buyers through the installation process using digital instructions, companies can ensure that customers feel empowered and confident in setting up their new products.

The idea is to update the traditional experience of paper manuals and instructions with a more intuitive digital (and visual) experience that guides customers step-by-step.

Keeping engaged with your customers post-sale signals a willingness by your company to create (and maintain) a relationship that lasts. It shows your customers that your company is invested in their ongoing satisfaction.

Streamline Product Registration and Data Capture

One of the key advantages of designing a smart installation process is the ability to streamline product registration and capture valuable buyer and device data.

By leveraging digital self-service workflows, customers can easily register their products with a click of their smartphone camera, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual data entry.

This not only saves time for customers but also enables businesses to gather essential insights for future service interactions.

By ensuring that they collect this vital information up front, companies gain a distinct advantage when it comes to following up with customers on everything from service requests and recalls to surveys and upsell offers.

Since the return rate for printed product registration cards has historically lingered between 5% - 25%, it’s safe to assume that more convenient, “point-and-shoot” methods using QR codes or optical character recognition (OCR) will trend higher.

And customers will surely appreciate NOT having to locate and recite (or type) an impossibly tiny 10-20 digit serial number any time they call with a service issue.

"73% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and preferences based on past interactions."

- Salesforce

Empower Customers with Dynamic Installation Guides

The era of the paper manual is coming to a close.

These days, even the humble PDF is getting an upgrade.

Dynamic installation guides are proving to be a game-changer when it comes to helping customers successfully set up their products.

Going digital (and interactive) allows a company to present a library of resources such as checklists, diagrams, product-specific manuals, and even animated instructional videos. Businesses can equip customers with the tools they need for a seamless installation experience at a fraction of the cost of printing on paper.

And digital instructions give companies the flexibility to update and amend information as needed.

Customers who have easy access to answers aren’t as inclined to reach out via phone call or email for basic questions, which frees up agents for more urgent service calls.

"Offering comprehensive self-service options can reduce call center volume by up to 30%."

- McKinsey & Company

How Can Companies Get Started with Smart Installation?

Leveraging SightCall’s visual support and process automation solutions into your installation and setup process can take your customer service to a whole new level.

Because SightCall connects seamlessly with asset management and CRM systems, it’s easy to ensure that every future service interaction is more efficient and personalized.

Demographic and ticket information gets where it needs to go from the start, eliminating the need for manual entry into different platforms.

Seamless Escalation to Live Video Support

Inevitably, there will be times when customers require additional assistance during the installation process. With SightCall, customers can easily create support tickets or escalate to a live video support call without leaving the installation workflow.

This streamlined approach reduces customer frustration and ensures an effortless transition from self-service to personalized support… and back again.

The Future of Smarter Customer Service with SightCall

By embracing smart installation and setup powered by SightCall, companies can transform the way customers engage with their products.

Leveraging smart technology, such as digital instructions, dynamic installation guides, and integrated video support, can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and foster long-term loyalty.

According to Temkin Group, loyal customers are five times more likely to repurchase, four times more likely to refer, and seven times more likely to try a new offering.

Those numbers make investing in technology to gain loyalty sound like a no-brainer.

In today's competitive landscape, providing a seamless and empowering installation and setup experience is vital to winning and retaining customers.

If you’re ready to embrace the future of smarter customer service with SightCall, and unlock the full potential of your customers' relationship with your products… we’re here to help you get started.

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