Update: SightCall released a package for Salesforce Service Cloud® that natively adds live video support to the Live Agent Console. Salesforce's customers can request access to the package here.

Since the recent launch of the now famous Amazon Mayday button, video chat support has been in the spotlight of the customer care industry. This use case that once seemed to be futuristic at best and unrealistic at worst, now appears to be indisputable by all and leaves only a few questions to be debated.

Why didn’t we do this before? How can I offer the same experience to my customers right now? Why is Amazon always a step (=market) ahead of anybody else?

Online retailers may feel helpless in competing against Amazon but they are not. Software vendors are already working to embed video chat capabilities into their applications. For instance, in just one afternoon Salesforce enabled live video customer support in Service Cloud by using the SightCall JavaScript API.

The beauty of the work done by Salesforce is not only to provide a video chat button, but also a complete integration into the application workflow. Whenever the situation requires visual support or advanced communication, the agent can escalate from text to video to establish a two-way video session (one-way video is also possible).

The integration was showcased last month during both Dreamforce and WebRTC Conference & Expo (where it was awarded Audience Favorite). If you missed it, below is the video that shows how an agent can better assist a customer with real-time video during the buying process from discovery to purchase.

Video Chat in Salesforce Service Cloud powered by Weemo from Weemo on Vimeo.