Telemedicine and the Future of Teleconsultation in Healthcare

With rising expenses, an aging population and more and more people being funneled into a healthcare system that already lacks capacity, physician and hospital resources have become even more limited. All these shifts in the healthcare landscape spearhead the adoption of telemedicine (or telehealth), a video calling healthcare technology that allows consultation between physicians and patients who are both in different locations. SightCall provides a HIPAA compliant, highly secure and encrypted telemedicine solution that will increase the quality of care while reducing overall healthcare expenditures. Join us as a pioneer in telemedicine technology and bring healthcare into the twenty-first century.

Telehealth Benefits

It is estimated that over 7 million patients will be using telemedicine services by 2018. Because of this the benefits to telemedicine and telehealth will shape the future of innovation within the healthcare industry. Below are the key benefits to telemedicine:
  • Expand reach and increase access to healthcare
  • Save time and reduce costs of patient visits
  • Increase capacity by seeing more patients
  • Improve the quality of patient care by diagnosing and treating patients early
  • Share new breakthroughs and get real-time second opinions
Mobile Video Call

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We needed to implement a video chat feature that our users could access from any browser and any device, something SightCall’s platform offers.
Randy Findley, CTO, MediSprout

Telemedicine Use Cases

Clinic Release / Physical Therapy / Rural Medicine

With changes in the regulatory handling of premature release of patients from hospitals and the subsequent readmission of the patient into the hospital due to complications resulting from the premature release or unclear or improperly [...]

Hospice Care

Hospice care is enabling aging family members to retain their dignity and giving them the ability to capture their wishes. It also allows the elderly to interact in conversations with care givers and family members [...]