Salesforce Sightcall Integration

Agent Productivity is Key. Close Cases Faster. Service More Customers.

Increase productivity and throughput in your call center. By using live visual interactions you enable your customer to show what’s wrong and help your agents to quickly resolves issues. Close claims faster and solve more problems by bringing your expert support agents closer to the problem.

Guiding the customer through the solution significantly reduces the odds of a re-occurrence.

Easily Installed & Deployed

Unlike other video calling solutions that require a herd of developers to install and maintain, SightCall Visual Support Agent can be installed by a Salesforce System Admin right from the Salesforce AppExchange.

SightCall provides a global infrastructure backed up by an enterprise grade Service Level Agreement (SLA). Click here to view the SightCall Visual Support Agent on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Release 2.0 Featuring

Increase Sales

Pre-Sale Support. Make More Sales.

SightCall allows you to speak with potential customers as they browse the site. Your site’s visitors need guidance on the path to purchase. Address their concerns with video assistance and have sales reps guide customers through the purchasing decision, close more deals and make more sales.

Provide Customers the Experience They Deserve

In this fast paced world, a customer’s expectation of service has evolved. Customers demand immediate response, personalized service and fast solutions

SightCall Visual Support for Salesforce provides customer support representatives in contact centers larege and small the ability to engage their customers in a way that increases satisfaction and improve the overall customer experinece.

Salesforce SOS for Apps Alternative

Increase Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

SightCall Visual Support Agent for Salesforce will help you engage and connect with your customers in a whole new way. Improve customer service by forming better relationships with your customers through video customer support calls.

Some fields such as banking and legal services are more complex and customers need more personalized service. Give your customers a subject-matter expert at their fingertips whenever they need one.

With the SightCall Video Agent Salesforce Service Cloud® users with Live Agent can communicate more effectively with their customers, build brand loyalty, form strong user engagement and ultimately drive better sales.