Webinar: Augmented Reality for Service Technicians

Scaling the workforce is a real challenge that service organizations are facing today. While experienced workers are retiring, it is increasingly challenging to attract the younger generation and on-board them with the right skills quickly. The solution is to leverage the deep experience of older workforce to coach the younger field technicians by leveraging proven digital technologies like augmented reality (AR) and live visual assistance - so that you can be more competitive, ensure high profitability and deliver a stellar customer experience.

SightCall Visual Support delivers a compelling, device-agnostic visual assistance solution for service organizations to achieve these benefits, scale your workforce in the field and reduce additional truck rolls. Applicable to a wide variety of use cases such as remote diagnostics, inspection, AR guided maintenance and training, SightCall delivers immediate value for ensuring competitiveness, such as:

Join Anna Startseva (Senior Product Marketing Manager, ServiceMax), Thomas Cottreau (CEO, SightCall) and Zachary Cozzi (Snr Sales Engineer, SightCall) for a deeper dive into the SightCall’s AR/visual assistance capabilities and see how you can scale your workforce, ensure high profitability and deliver a stellar customer experience.


Augmented Reality for Service Technicians: Faster Execution through Visual Assistance