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SightCall Visual Support for ServiceMax

SightCall Visual Support™ for ServiceMax raises field service efficiency to a new level by enabling technicians to engage in live visual interactions with subject matter experts. Before SightCall, field service organizations required multiple truck rolls if technicians didn’t have the right knowledge. Now, SightCall gives your field technicians the ability to show what they see and be guided to their problem resolutions right on their mobile device. SightCall Visual Support improves understanding, decreases resolution time, enables live collaboration and reduces downtime.

Webinar: Augmented Reality for Service Technicians

Scaling the workforce is a real challenge that service organizations face today. As experienced workers retire, it is challenging to attract the younger generation and on-board them quickly. The solution is to leverage the deep experience of senior workforce to coach the younger field technicians. Leveraging proven digital technologies like AR and live visual assistance, you can be more competitive, ensure high profitability and deliver a stellar customer experience.

The Five Sustainability Options for Service Execution

In this white paper, we outline five key areas where digitized service execution benefits corporate sustainability and how it can be leveraged. We also explore why sustainability metrics should be factored into your wider service execution strategy.

Servicemax whitepaper