Success Story: FLENDER

Flender launched its new ‘Remote Expert’ service powered by SightCall, providing customers and technicians with qualified support - anytime and anywhere.

The client wanted to continue providing its customers and field technicians with quality remote visual assistance, and needed to find a replacement for a homegrown, end of life solution that couldn’t integrate into Flender’s Salesforce Service Cloud environment.

Having a solution that could integrate tightly into Salesforce was needed to streamline processes and enhance data collection within all customer service cases. Offering visual assistance was a key priority for the client as they looked to provide innovative and modern worldwide support to customers, decrease service waiting times, and reduce the need to send unnecessary support out into the field, which was proving extremely costly for the business and did not align to their business goals and sustainability KPIs.

"Launching our Remote Expert solution- powered by SightCall, has enabled us to provide expert support to customers while off site. We’re focused on driving minimum downtime on our products as this can be so costly for customers. Remote Expert enables our experts to give fast fault diagnosis and troubleshooting, and extremely quick resolutions to product issues."

- DAVID CICCIOLI - Product Manager at Flender GmbH


Launching ‘Remote Expert’- powered by SightCall

By partnering with SightCall, Flender has launched its new ‘Remote Expert’ service, providing customers and technicians with qualified support anytime, anywhere. Customers, even in extremely remote or noisy locations, now have access to a remote expert who can see their issue in real-time and guide them to the right resolution, quickly.

Experts can now support customers in new and exciting ways, allowing them to improve fault diagnosis, find fast resolutions, and reduce the need to send experts on-site unnecessarily.

Flender experts can now provide customers with fully remote approval testing, visual inspections and condition assessment of their gear units, quickly identifying problems and providing the customer with an instant resolution plan that reduces unnecessary downtime and improves the overall customer experience.

If an issue is identified or general maintenance work is needed, Flender experts can guide customers through repairs remotely using a robust AR and AI toolkit, providing them with highly technical, real-time support at a click of a button. Overall customer wait times for maintenance work and repairs has significantly reduced as the client’s service team can efficiently triage and resolve cases faster than ever before.

Flender equipment can now also be installed by customers themselves, with the help of a Flender expert guiding them remotely during every step of the process. This allows for faster equipment installation and reduces the need for a Flender expert to travel on-site - an important part of the client’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and drive more sustainable business operations.

About Flender AG

Flender, headquartered in Bocholt, Germany, is a leading global supplier for mechanical and electrical drive systems and has the reputation for highest performance, innovation, quality, and reliability of drive components for more than 120 years. Flender offers a broad variety of gear units, couplings and generators and associated services, with a focus on key industries such as wind power, cement, mining, oil & gas, power generation, water and wastewater, marine, conveyor and crane technology. Flender products and services combine the latest technology with extremely high quality and have been reliably providing the optimal transmission of power for decades. Flender has around 8,700 employees globally.