1 True Health - Care Management

1 True Health - Care Management delivers professional services to patients in support of clinical practices and senior living communities. By offering continual Chronic Care Management and Disease Surveillance services they protect patients, improve care plans, and promote wellness and healthy behaviors.

By partnering with SightCall, 1 True Health- Care Management is able to meet its goals of better engagement between the patient and a healthcare practitioner and improved health and wellness of seniors who are more isolated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a comprehensive visual assistance tool, SightCall offers 1 True Health’s patients AR- and AI-powered video call sessions within the company’s existing Salesforce Health Cloud customer relationship management (CRM) system. Working under the guidance of a clinician, Care Navigators at the 1 True Health - Care Management call center launch calls with the click of a button in the patient file, reaching seniors and other patients in need of chronic care management and remote patient monitoring, but who are often hesitant to leave home for health reasons. Medicare supports monthly virtual patient encounters, with Care Navigators tracking and following up on care plans, disseminating health and wellness information, and connecting patients with physicians and specialists using the SightCall and Health Cloud platforms.

SightCall is accessible to every patient, operating across a wide range of products, reception, and bandwidth levels with identical high call quality and HD picture. Built-in features such as AR-enabled screen annotation and optical character recognition ensure consultations are well-documented, feed reliable information back to care providers, and relay the most accurate care advice possible to patients, wherever they are in their care journeys.

"Working with SightCall is a game-changer for our long-term goal to help patients better manage their chronic conditions. 40% of the U.S. population over the age of 50 suffer from one or more chronic or acute diseases. With COVID-19 rapidly accelerating the trend toward at-home patient care and disease management, there is a real urgency to incorporate the SightCall technology into our service model. We aim to enhance our patients’ care experience and improve their quality of life as a result. We could not be more excited to partner with SightCall."

- Shawn Smith, CEO of 1 True Health - Care Management, Inc.

"Time saved certainly is the first obvious metric” said Shawn Smith, CEO of 1 True Health-Care Management, Inc. “Without SightCall... our Care Navigators would have to spend a lot more time gathering information from the patient and in documenting the same. The second metric would be an increase in patient volume."

- Shawn Smith, CEO of 1 True Health - Care Management, Inc.