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SightCall’s Bold New VISION of Enterprise Service Showcased on A&E's Trending Today 

Elizabeth Plummer, Executive Producer of Trending Today, lauds the SightCall team for their groundbreaking advancements in visual assistance, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology, remarking, “SightCall's innovative approach to service is truly remarkable for companies and consumers.”

An innovator in visual assistance since 2008, SightCall has expanded its core remote video support tool into a best-in-class advanced visual platform for customer service and field service. 

"Today is the beginning of a new era in service delivery and business-to-customer interaction,” said Thomas Cottereau, founder and CEO of SightCall. “We’ve come to a point where text and voice communications are no longer meeting customer expectations. Customers are frustrated because most Cloud CX solutions, field service applications, and other digital service tools are missing the most effective method of human communication: VISUALS.” 

“SightCall VISION delivers multimodal interactions that understand natural language, text and images to provide intuitive visual guidance at the moment of service,” Cottereau added.

Today, agents, customers, technicians and remote experts can use SightCall VISION to connect and solve real-world service problems visually with a combination of augmented reality (AR), live video, and multimodal generative AI-enhanced computer vision in a single, integrated platform.

SightCall’s clients include Fortune 500 companies from consumer goods manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, insurance and customer service.

You’re invited to watch and learn more about SightCall’s mission from its founders, key leaders, clients and industry influencers.

Join us on a journey from Paris to Chicago and beyond for a closer look at how this unique combination of cutting-edge technologies is helping companies see more, solve faster, and serve better.     

Got two minutes? We can show you how SightCall VISION works...

SightCall, the global leader in AI-powered visual assistance software for enterprise service organizations, proudly announces its debut on Trending Today's acclaimed program. Set to air on A&E on February 24th, 2024, the segment provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the international team behind SightCall VISION, an innovative visual platform set to transform enterprise service.

Read the official EIN press release.

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Got two minutes? We can
show you how SightCall VISION works...