SightCall Digital Flows

The most advanced digital process automation solution for visual, self-guided work execution

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Process Automation at Your Fingertips

SightCall Digital Flows takes service to the next level with a digital process automation solution that can digitize any manual process to improve efficiency and reduce manual error. Transform how you deliver services to customers with a flexible, integrated solution that can operate anywhere your services are in need. Empower customers and technicians to easily complete complex procedures with informative on-screen instructions, powered by AI and AR technology.

Improve First Time Fix Rate

With step-by-step guidance, workers can easily complete jobs with no follow-up dispatches needed.

Ensure Compliant Processes

With detailed work instructions and checklists, work can be completed with fully auditable logs collected.

Improve Customer Experience

Guide customers through easy-to-follow procedures, empowering them to address issues on their own quickly.

Transform Manual Processes with SightCall Digital Flows

SightCall's flexible platform offers customizable use case creation, empowering service organizations to create and deploy flows built to improve processes across multiple lines of business.


Diagnose complex systems or equipment issues with repeatable steps.

Warranty or Insurance Claim

Streamline the claim process by enabling customers to file claims with supporting photo or video evidence.

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Pre-Call Information Collection

Reduce average handling time by collecting essential information prior to call start.


Empower customers to resolve or report their own issues with easy-to-follow on-screen guidance.


Ensure on-site visits are successful by sending the correct parts, tools and technicians.

Asset Management

Maintain compliance with validated step-by-step maintenance procedures.

Pre-Call System Check

Validate and test guest devices prior to conducting a visual assistance call.


Make your customer successful with self-guided product setup and activation.

Oil & Gas Leader Streamlines Offshore Rig Maintenance with SightCall Digital Flows

One of the world’s largest oil and gas exploration companies needed to standardize its processes and create auditable reports for maintenance and repair tasks in remote, high-risk locations. To meet this need, the company has bolstered the remote operations and digital service solutions it offers customers with visual assistance and digital process automation from SightCall.

Transform Your Service

SightCall Digital Flows can modernize work procedures and customer journeys within your service organization. Our team of digital transformation experts can assist you with converting your business with digital process automation.