We Live In an Experience Economy

Expectations have changed. Your customers want fast, empathetic service with rapid problem resolution. Contact centers do everything they can with voice and text support but describing an issue without seeing it is not enough. Lack of visual context leads to longer handle times, poor problem diagnosis, slow resolution and frustrated customers. Adding live video support can empower your agents to deliver an exciting new level of service and support.

Introducing SightCall for Genesys Cloud CX

SightCall, the leading enterprise visual assistance platform, and Genesys, the leading customer experience and contact center software provider, have teamed up to provide the most advanced enterprise solution for customer service on the market.

SightCall enables contact center agents to see and guide customers remotely with live video. Fully integrated within Genesys Cloud CX, our joint solution creates a seamless omnichannel experience for your agents and customers.

SightCall transforms every interaction between contact center agents and customers. Callers can communicate face-to-face, and issues are diagnosed quickly with a robust suite of interactive digital tools.

Our solution helps you create real connections that will improve the lives of your customers.

SightCall for Genesys Cloud CX

Learn more about how our joint solution solves customer issues efficiently, the first time, and equips agents with the ability to personalize any customer interaction.

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