iFit Health and Fitness

The mission of iFit Health and Fitness is to empower a more active, balanced lifestyle for all. iFit owns established industry-leading fitness brands NordicTrack, ProForm, and Freemotion, which offer connected fitness membership services powered by iFit, an immersive live and on-demand streaming fitness and wellness media platform with over 700,00 paid subscribers.

As early as 2017, iFit recognized the power of visual assistance to increase satisfaction for their customer service agents and improve the customer experience. By partnering with SightCall, iFit was able to streamline the process for repairs and troubleshooting for in-home equipment with a visual assistance solution that integrates with their CSM system and empowers their agents to help customers get the most out of their home fitness equipment.

"We knew we could solve so many problems if we could just see what the customer could see. We could quickly identify what model they are using, if the setup is correct, and what isn’t working. Using SightCall eliminates barriers of knowledge and different terminology so we can quickly help customers and, if needed, order the correct parts to fix things in a single visit."

- Emily Forero, Operations Manager and Data Analyst, iFit Health and Fitness

iFit quickly deployed SightCall for Salesforce to all customer service agents, eliminating the need for long phone calls to try and understand a problem. Agents can initiate a SightCall session directly from Salesforce via text or email link with a customer to immediately see and discuss the issue.

Photos and videos are saved directly to the CSM, speeding up the approval process for replacement parts or repairs for equipment under warranty. Using visual assistance has improved both agent and customer satisfaction, increased first-time fix rates, and reduced the number of incorrect parts ordered and shipped.

Now, between 80 and 90 percent of repair calls are now resolved remotely, an increase of more than 20%. Average resolution time has decreased significantly for all 800 agents who are handling more than 30,000 calls and 10,000 chats every week, saving up to 4000 hours per week. Agents with the highest usage of SightCall place the least amount of service technician requests– resolving 95% of their cases without the need to schedule an in-person visit.

This dramatically increased efficiency has allowed iFit to scale their customer help center to over 700 agents, with hundreds more added every month.

Training time has also decreased, New agents are able to onboard quickly, gaining familiarity with different brands and models by seeing them firsthand during their interactive video sessions with customers. Agents also have access to knowledge articles and resources that can then be shared with the customer with one click.

Even when a technician visit is required, first-time fix rates are vastly improved by visual assistance. Correctly identifying the problem and the parts need through a SightCall session reduces the need for multiple visits.

Another benefit is supplying abundant and useful data the Quality Engineering team. Because all photos and video from a SightCall session are saved into the CRM, recurring problems can be identified easily without wading through notes and call logs.

With a simple search, Quality Engineering teams can access all reported problems with a particular piece of equipment or component. They share these comprehensive reports with manufacturers and Research and Development teams to guide improvements that benefit all future customers.

"Health and fitness have never been more important to consumers globally, and we are seeing explosive growth across our subscription software and fitness equipment businesses. We saw this fast-growing demand going into 2020, and this has accelerated sharply as people’s desire to stay healthy has intensified."

- Scott Watterson, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of iFit Health and Fitness.

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