Customer Service Gets a Makeover

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Consumer expectations have changed. Buyers want fast, personalized service tailored to their preferences and budget. To stay relevant, brands must constantly find new ways to connect with customers.

In the fast-paced cosmetic industry, one beauty giant has led the way in digital transformation. For decades, L’Oreal has prioritized the use of new technology to improve consumer experience. Their innovation continued even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When salons were closed and customers had no access to in-person hair services, L’Oreal had to find new ways to engage with customers and counteract lessening sales. L’Oreal pivoted quickly with the help of Salesforce and SightCall to create virtual beauty consultations that allow customers to meet one-on-one with a cosmetic consultant and collaborate on a personalized beauty experience.

How does it work? From within Salesforce Service Cloud, a beauty expert can initiate a SightCall video session. Meeting one-on-one lets experts walk customers through products and guide them in selecting and experimenting with hair color using L’Oreal’s AI-powered Virtual Try-On feature.

During the session, any shared information is saved to the Salesforce case file, giving L’Oreal the ability to offer future product recommendations tailored to the customer’s preferences. That context helps increase repeat business.

Offering customers a virtual way to experiment with hair color during the pandemic, opened new revenue streams for L’Oreal and allowed them to connect with customers and grow sales, despite the unusual circumstances.

Virtual beauty consultations are still in demand, and customers can now walk themselves through selecting a hair color with L’Oreal’s Virtual Try-On tool.

Partnering with SightCall and Salesforce, enabled L’Oreal to recreate the in-store experience online, and ensured customers had access to products and professional beauty consultants no matter the circumstances. With this new method of engagement, L’Oreal was empowered to scale their support to the customer’s needs and provide a consistent positive experience along each step of the buying journey.

“Since launching its virtual consultation service, the company has seen a 336% increase in number of virtual try-ons for its L’Oreal Paris hair dye.”

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