Today, I am excited to introduce SightCall VISION, a groundbreaking platform set to revolutionize enterprise service.

With rising customer expectations and the relentless pursuit of efficiency, the need for innovative solutions has never been greater.

SightCall VISION is our answer to these challenges.

Our unique visual assistance platform is tailored for enterprise service organizations, combining AR-enabled live video, digital process automation, and multimodal generative AI.

This powerful combination is designed to elevate the quality and efficiency of customer and field service experiences, enabling clearer communication and faster problem-solving.

Whether the task is fixing an espresso maker or an MRI machine, SightCall VISION helps resolve issues faster while offering more personalized service.

Our platform is more than just a technological advancement; it's a new way of working.

A more VISUAL way of working.

With SightCall VISION, we’re not just changing how problems are solved; we’re transforming the entire approach to service delivery.

By empowering your teams to see and solve challenges in real-time, we’re opening doors to unprecedented operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

SightCall VISION gives you an unobstructed view of the service experience, from every angle and at every touchpoint.

And while I am excited about everything that SightCall VISION can add to your organization, I’m even more excited about what it takes away.

Visual service is not only more effective and efficient, it’s much more sustainable.

SightCall VISION helps reduce waste at every level, from saving money and boosting overall productivity to reducing all those unnecessary truck rolls and travel miles that impact the environment.

And thanks to the power of multimodal generative AI, we even save you the wasted effort of going to look for answers by bringing them straight to you!

I hope you will join us in embracing this visual service revolution.

I look forward to showing you exactly how SightCall VISION can transform your service delivery and help you set new standards in your industry.

Thank you, and welcome to the future of enterprise service.