SightCall November Release: Measuring What Matters

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1. Meet Your New Dashboard

All users now have access to an Overview dashboard that acts as a default “home screen” once you login to admin.

This dashboard displays relevant stats for your SightCall account, including Total Calls, Average Calls Per Agent, and Cost Savings.

Analytics are important. We designed the new dashboard to give you greater insight into the metrics that matter.

2. Track Your Sustainability

Today, all clients can view the Sustainability Dashboard's data-driven insights and communicate their carbon reduction impact on corporate sustainability objectives and KPIs.

The Dashboard leverages a sophisticated algorithm across multiple data points to determine the concrete savings to companies when they don’t send experts on site.

Metrics reported daily on the dashboard include:

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3. Updates to Help You Up Your Analytics Game

Want to know how SightCall is being used by your teams?

Administrators will now receive a weekly email that summarizes relevant stats for your account, such as the number of agent calls in a week and pounds of CO2 saved.

This weekly “report card” helps put platform performance in context and provides an overview of weekly activity and trends. You’ll also find better export functionality for all reports within SightCall and dashboards.

4. New Feature Keeps Flows Moving Forward

SightCall Digital FlowsOne of the most exciting new features in Digital Flows is Offline Mode, which allows technicians working in remote areas with low connectivity to finish a flow without having to wait for assets to upload.

This asynchronous function helps keep your field service teams moving forward and allows things like captured data, photos, and video to be saved and uploaded as soon as a signal becomes available.

You’ll also find we’ve added additional media storage options, new actions, and more.

5. Making Requests into Reality

Every bit of user feedback is valuable and we count on your input to help us build a better platform.

In addition to adding new apps in our Marketplace (Twilio, Postmark, Airtable), you’ll find that that our newest release includes a host of customer-requested admin modifications to help you manage teams including multi-party enhancements and user group modifications.

Already a SightCall user? You can find the full Release Notes in your SightCall Help Center

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