All medical equipment and devices need regular inspections to maintain operability and reduce costly downtime.

But sending a technician on-site for every inspection can get expensive.

And if any part of their inspection process still includes handwriting, paper forms, and manual entry? It will cost even more in careless errors and wasted time.

That’s why digitizing your inspection process is the most consistent and accurate way to meet both your customer's expectations and any safety regulations.

Using SightCall, any inspection can be initiated right from the service order so the correct inspection process is initiated every time.

You can enforce and track safety compliance easily within the digital process workflow.

Using advanced scanning features like OCR and QR code scanning, you can accurately extract machine IDs, giving you easy access to service history using SightCall's native integration connectors.

When the inspection is complete, all information collected, including photos and videos, are uploaded to your system of record giving your service teams instant access to the real-time data.

SightCall gives you the peace of mind that each inspection is consistent and accountable.

If you’ve ever wondered how you could afford to digitize your inspection process. Maybe the better question is, “How can you afford NOT to?”