Sciex Decreases Downtime of Precision Machines with Visual Support

Sciex equipment helps change the world.

As leaders in the field of mass spectrometry for 50 years, Sciex manufactures precision machines that help medical professionals, scientists and researchers break new ground, cure diseases, and protect the environment.

Sciex customers “protect and advance the wellness and safety of all” and develop “solutions that influence life-changing research and outcomes.”

But none of those things can happen if a machine isn’t working.

Every day of down time is another day of not moving forward.

That’s why Sciex wanted to raise their level of service. They wanted a technology that could diagnose problems faster and increase first-time-fix rates.

The solution they found was SightCall Visual Support.

"This is more than just having a video call with a customer. The functionality is absolutely transformational for our business. We can annotate, we can share documents and diagrams, and we steer customers to the actions we want them to take."

- Senior Service Manager for Oceania & ASEAN at Sciex

About Sciex

As part of the Danaher family of global life science and technology innovators, Sciex is a trusted partner to scientists and lab analysts around the world.

Their mission is to “deliver solutions for the precision detection and quantification of molecules, empowering our customers to protect and advance the wellness and safety of all.”

Sciex innovations help protect the environment and our global food supply, advance our understanding of diseases, enable researchers to improve clinical tests, and empower pharmaceutical companies to develop more effective drugs, quicker and at a lower cost.


In the Life Sciences industry, uptime is essential. Users of complex and precision machinery need immediate support when they come up against service issues and can’t afford to wait days or weeks for maintenance or repair work.

Every hour a machine isn’t working can impact productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

Sciex needed a new way to speed up the diagnosis and repair cycle.

But they need a partner that could seamlessly integrate and work within multiple complex CRM systems.

"Security is fundamental to the Sciex business. We looked at some of the free tools you can use in the market, but security is a huge risk there- but not with SightCall."

- Senior Service Manager for Oceania & ASEAN at Sciex


Partnering with SightCall, Sciex launched its Sciex Now Virtual Assist service, that instantly connects Sciex customers with a network of experts from around the globe.

Access to expert support at the click of a button enables customers to get trained eyes on issues immediately with accurate diagnosis and real-time guidance for quick resolutions, helping to reduce service wait times and significantly reduce costly unplanned machine downtime.

A real-time view of customer problems also allows Sciex to be better prepared if an engineer is needed on-site. Specialized parts or tools can be ordered and shipped in advance to reduce any delays.

Adding visual assistance technology to its service agreements allowed Sciex to exceed service expectations.

The solution was quick to deploy, straightforward to use and accessible for field technicians. It also offered enhanced compliance, security, and transparency as Sciex supports customers throughout APAC, including China.

Tightly integrated into its Salesforce and ServiceMax environments, Sciex has been able to uniquely customize the SightCall solution to fit its business needs.

Through the effortless connection of these disparate CRM and FSM systems, Sciex has created smooth workflows that ensure data can easily be tracked and recorded, silos are eliminated, certain tasks are automated, and customers are consistently provided a personalized and seamless brand experience.

Sciex is also using SightCall’s visual assistance integrated into both their technicians and customers’ AR Glasses, enabling hands free work during more complex machine repairs and maintenance. Customers often prefer this option since it reduces the need for them to use their own personal cell phones for at work issues.

"SightCall is a beautifully integrated solution with ServiceMax"

- Sciex’s Senior Service Manager for Oceania & ASEAN

Driving New Revenue

Sciex has drastically increased the value of its existing full-service contracts for customers through improved remote fix rates, reduced diagnostic times, increases in first visit repairs, and a large reduction in on-site repair times.

Not only has this improved customer satisfaction, but Sciex has reduced the cost of contract delivery and is now able to drive additional commercial revenue for the business.

The company’s vision? Productize and commercialize a visual assistance service to offer this product to non-contract customers to drive additional revenue for the business.


20% Increase in Remote Fix Rates

Sciex’s data prior to investing in visual assistance clearly showed that an inability to see what was happening at a customer site was limiting their ability to remotely fix issues. Having expert eyes on-site with a customer remotely has enabled Sciex to improve remote fix rates from 50% to 70%.

48% Reduction in Diagnostic Call Times

When you can’t see a problem first-hand your ability to understand a situation and provide an effective resolution is limited. Sciex can now understand, diagnose, and triage customer service calls quickly and without having to ask extended questions, enabling them to reduce diagnostic call times by nearly a half, from an average of 40-minutes to just 21-minutes.

15% Increase in First Visit Repairs

Pre-diagnosing a customer issue via a live visual assistance call ensures the right engineer with the right parts is dispatched, increasing first-visit repairs from 50 to 65% and reducing parts wastage by 10%.

Artboard 59
58% Reduction in Time to Repair On-Site

When a customer issue is pre-diagnosed via a Sciex Now Virtual Assist session, the average on-site time to repair is reduced from 11.4 hours to 4.8 hours- saving a total of 6.6. hours per site visit.

Artboard 58
Driving Additional Commercial Revenue

By drastically showcasing the value of visual assistance to non-contract customers through faster resolution times and reduced risk to machines, non-contract customers moving to full-service contracts has significantly increased.

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