Airbus Raises Productivity with Remote Support

About Airbus

Airbus is the world's largest airline manufacturer. The company designs, produces and delivers innovative aerospace solutions with the aim to create a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world. Their cutting-edge products and services span the commercial aircraft, helicopter, defence, security and space segments, and are recognized around the world.

The Challenge

To reduce the costs of manufacturing, Airbus sought to improve time to resolution on their final production line. Historically when a production issue was detected, email, photos and other forms of media would be used to communicate issues between onsite technicians and remote experts. This communication was asynchronous and would slow down the repair process.

Visual Support for the Aircraft Industry

The Solution

Airbus partnered with Accenture who helped them leverage SightCall to improve the flow of communication and provide remote support. With SightCall, workers can initiate a live visual support session with the subject matter expert of their choice, using one-click automatic call distribution. During the visual support session, the remote technician can see the issue and help the onsite technician to address the problem, instead of traveling to assist at the job site.

Visual Support for Aircraft

The Benefits

The addition of SightCall on the Airbus production line not only boosted productivity, but it provided employees with a better working environment. 96% of users confirmed that SightCall's remote-support offering enabled them to solve an issue more quickly, and the average time to resolve issues was reduced by 60 minutes.